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Camila Simont: Michelle Beatles Chord Melody RIP

It's is just too shocking to think that someone could murder such an amazing girl, with such musical artistry.

Michelle Beatles Chord Melody Camila Silva

Camila Simont: the lost youtube channel found

After the tragedy, some videos have to light on another youtube channel

Symphony nº 25 Mozart by Camila Silva (theme arrangement)

Sarah Longfield: Azure

Azure (Original) - By Sarah

Sarah Longfield is scarily good, fans of djent style music are sure to love this great EP.


New project "KUNOICHI JAPAN" was formed by guitarist Haseru its name in the "club Pangaea Kumi Adachi", and Kumi Adachi! Live at Blues Alley Japan unveiled the first of Meguro Birthday Week Live @ Kumi Adachi! We live not long after her debut, Kawasaki at the Montreux Jazz Festival held in Japan in 11/24 in 2011, my cage to play with guitarist Kell appeared ante Jackson "THIS IS IT"! I am looking forward to future work.
HP Kumi Adachi

安达 久 美 Kunoichi JAPAN / Gate E7

安達久美KUNOICHI JAPAN / Little Wing


Adachi Kumi club PANGAEA
3rd album 『L.G.B.』

2nd album 『WINNERS!』

1st album 『Little Wing』


Diana Loura: Tribute to Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani-Crystal Planet-Cover.wmv

Diana-Loura Europe Aphasia Cover.wmv

Memories In The Sand (Giuntini Project III)Guitar cover.wmv

Camila Simont: murdered on her Birthday with her mother... RIP

Rest In Peace - little angel
Rest In Peace, God bless you:




The funeral will be today from @ CamilaSimont from 20:00 hours and burial tomorrow 08/03 from 11:00 am. People attending the funeral and burial will be in Cemetery @ CamilaSimont Campo Grande, in Our Lady of the Sahara Avenue in Sao Paulo.

Tragic News (translated via google): A homeless man killed two women stabbed, last night in the neighborhood of Ademar City, south of Sao Paulo.

Around 20h, one neighbor sued the police after noticing a strange move in next door. Arriving on the scene, the MPs met the two women bloodied and lying on the ground: Maria da Silva Cleuza Moutinho, 61, and her daughter Camila Silva Moutinho, 24.

The rescue was fired but when arrived at the scene found that the wounds were already dead. According to police, a homeless man stabbed the two women after asking for $ 10 and not be satisfied. Also according to the police, Mary always helped the suspect.

Video footage of the crime scene

Coverage on Cifra Club News

Camila plays Jimi Hendrix, Little Wing (Instrumental version)

Camila plays Andy Timmons, Gone

Camila plays Bach, cantata 208 in choro style

Camila plays Rush, YYZ from Moving Pictures album

News From Guitar Player Brazil
A crime shocked Sao Paulo late on Tuesday (6). According to an article from the newspaper "SP Bom Dia" , aired by TV Globo, the police account that a homeless man murdered a woman and her daughter. They were Cleuza Maria da Silva Moutinho, 60, and Camila Silva Moutinho, who would complete 24 years on Wednesday (7) and had been building his career as a guitarist. It was about 19:30 when the guy broke into their house, located in the Zone South of the capital. He would receive $ 10 every day of Cleuza owner. However, like last night she had no money to give, the man ended up annoying and killing two, and then fled. Camila, who ultimately bore the name of Camilla Simont, was a young and talented guitarist. Besides teaching music, the band was part Rockdelia. Before there were groups like the Integrated Guitar Orchestra and the Orchestra of Guitars, this captained by Ciro Visconti. He published the following profile of the guitarist on Facebook : "Camila Simont was a sweet, quiet person, and had nothing to do with violence. His life was playing and composing." In 2007, Camilla was one of the interviewees for the Guitar Player section 'Women Guitarists'.

Camila Simont had a Bachelor of Music from Santa Marcelina College, taught at the Municipal School of Music Taboão Sierra dede 2010. In 2007 she granted an interview with Guitar Player Magazine in the 'Women Guitarists.
Camila was set to play at her own Birthday party

Tributes from fellow players

Kiko Loureiro
Camilla saw the progress in music, became the Tagima endorsee. I was happy for her.How can this happen? No words ...

Camila with Kiko Loureiro
Sydnei Carvalho
Does human life has no value? The Guitarist @ CamilaSimont was violently killed... Stabbed to death along with his mother in his own home! @ CamilaSimont mourning over her art

Alex Martinho
Shocked by the brutal murder of guitarist @ camilasimont. She is rather better than this sick world we live. RIP

Oziel Zinho
@ CamilaSimont, met at Expo 2011, and since I heard the news still can not believe.

Rafael Nery
Very shocked by the death of @ CamilaSimont and her mother it is amazing how life surprises us ...

Ricardo Soares
Today I was deeply saddened by the news of the brutal and cowardly murder of my friend @ CamilaSimont .... In what world are we?

Ian Bemolator
Today is the birthday of Camila, if she hadn't had her life cut short.

Nahuel Schiumarini
really terrible news

Kevin Serra
Ohhh OMG...Where Humans are going??? RIP Camilla, play for the eternity with the rest of the Angels!!!
Ponch Satrio
I’m speechless in peace Camilla :(

Nicole Couch (Phantom Blue)
Very sad.

Nick Wellings
Good God....absolutely terrible news :-( What can one say???

Darek Wawrzyniak
‎...such a shame...why people die cause of such a studpid reasons....10$.....:/

Tomasz Andrzejewski
Very sad news.. :(

Hussein Haddad
Today is really a very sad day for Brazilian musicians, and friends of Camila.

Juliana Vieira
My feelings for family and friends of guitarist CamilaSimont @: (

Nathan Doyle 
Deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to all family and friends. A tragic, utterly cruel and cold-blooded murder. May she and her mother rest in peace.Nathan x

Ludmila Oliveira
shocked by the news qa @ CamilaSimont was murdered! world is this?! she rest inpeace, where playing guitar ...

Photo Camila Simon't band, Rockdelia.

Oficina da Arte Palazini apresenta SHOW & Gravação ao vivo ROCKDELIA e "Camila Simont"

With Vernon Neilly

Happier times
With Grandma

Jess Lewis: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Combined total of about 180,000 views for Jess Lewis, she's really special.

Jess - Wonderful Slippery Thing @ Beaulieu Music

Jess Lewis: Wonderful Slippery Thing Monkeyfest 2011

Jess Lewis - Wonderful Slippery Thing 'Live in the Studio' (Guthrie Govan)

Ally Salem: Plectrum Head(Cover)

Guitar Girl Ally Salem - Plectrum Head(Cover)

Samantha Nekrovenere: tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner

In loving memory of Chuck...
May you rest in peace.…

Voice Of The Soul (Death cover) by NekroVenere - Bc Rich Stealth - Chuck Schuldiner

Sarah Longfield: ripping Meshuggah

Sarah Longfield: soooo this is me, covering combustion by meshuggah:D It kind of sucks...and for some reason the video doesn't totally line up in some places:( hope ya like it:D find me on facebook!

\m/ You guys are amazing! \m/ thanks so much for the kind words! 

\m/ You guys are amazing! \m/ thanks so much for the kind words!combustion-meshuggah cover :D