Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ashly Badgett: great jam session

SM Fuzz Contest- Ashly Badgett

Ally Salem: Mrs Scary!

Mr. Scary - Ally Salem(George Lynch Cover)

Roberta Raschellà : Guitar Day Aosta 2011


Roberta Raschellà Project at Guitar Day ( Aosta )

Jessica Miller: Flamenco - after two years playing

Flaminco toe thehe

Paula Jo Taylor: Hot Country Picking

Hot country female tele guitar picker Paula Jo Taylor plays Brad Paisley Brent Mason Style

Carina Alfie: Al Rojo Vivo live clinic demonstration

Carina Alfie - Al Rojo Vivo - Salón Rojo Municipal - Municipalidad de Las Flores

Jodee Frawlee: guitar player mag contest top 10 finalist

Jodee Frawlee guitar player mag contest top 10 finalist 2010 Jabberwalk

the Godfather theme on guitar Jodee Frawlee

Joe Wild: great cover of Welcome to Bucketheadland

Welcome to Bucketheadland _ Cover to Buckethead
Joe Wild.
Welcome to Bucketheadland

Eilidh McKellar: great tribute to Robben Ford

Thanks to Ron Sayer who created the backing track for this. Here is his version . I played Indianola for some music college auditions recently, all of which have been successful so far. Most of the solos are improvised, hope you like it.

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Indianola - Robben Ford Cover

Katalina González: Tapping solo live


Nori Bucci: awesome live solo with Gamalon

Nori Bucci w/gamalon

Kimberly Allison: Still Remember great blues solo live

Still Remember-Live at the 2009 Long Beach Blues Festival

Laurie Buchanan: Wonderful Slippery Thing

Laurie Buchanan - Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing - Cover - HD

Faneza Izabella: lefty delivers some cool rock fusion jamming

Faneza Izabella:
A little video I did at home to enter the contest. It's a little freestyle to a backing beat. I have been playing guitar since I was 7 years old and i love it!! There are a lot of talented ladies out there. Rock on ladies !!!!

Girl Guitarist lefty Gibson female guitarist SG Gal Winner - Faneza Izabella

Desiree Bassett: All along the watcher tower

Desiree' on the Boston Legends Tour 2011