Monday, 19 March 2012

Lori Linstruth: Warbride The Tower - stunning!!!

I'm trying to work out why this band weren't massive!!

A while ago, these girls rocked the f'in house on the Musician's Institute concert stage. This was an unplanned encore so the camera crew missed the first :25 or so. The band raged through LA in the 90's until Nirvana put prog metal out of business. Just kiddin'. lol.
Lori Linstruth - guitar (Arjen Lucassen, Streams of Passion, Warbride)
Sandy Sledge - drums (Sledge Leather project, Allison Chains, Warbride, Malibu Barbi, Rude Girl)
Rhianna Huff - vox
Jana - bass
Velia Garay- keys

Lori Linstruth at 2:15

Warbride The Tower featuring Lori Linstruth and Sandy Sledge .

Warbride Slaves of the Sword

Warbride- Chains

WARBRIDE Slaves of Metal (Demo '88)

Yvette Young: for a day fred could fly - original electric and acoustic versions

for a day fred could fly [original instrumental]

for a day fred could fly [acoustic version]

News: Help just 4% away from helping Jason Becker... please help!

Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! Live posted a new update for Exclusive Live CD:
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