Saturday, 31 March 2012

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: San Diego Interview + NAMM 2012

Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox jam at NAMM and are interviewed in a two part interview in San Diego

The Iron Maidens at Namm 2012 - The trooper.wmv

Interview w/ The Iron Maidens (San Diego - Part 1)

Interview w/ The Iron Maidens (San Diego - Part 2)

Nita Strauss: with 9 Electric - The Roxy Hollywood 2012

The Roxy Hollywood CA 3/26/2012

9 Electric with Nita Strauss & Heidi Shepherd - Bullet Tooth

bar time in Colombia

Nita Strauss saluda a Colombian Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden Colombia FC)

Eilidh McKellar,Hayley Mclean: join brotherhood of Guitar

The Brotherhood Of The Guitar is an idea I’ve had for sometime. Ever since I was in the documentary film Rock Prophecies, and found young artists like Sick Puppies, and Tyler Bryant, I have been getting hundreds of emails a month, asking me to either look at, or help, up and coming young guitars players and young bands.

A lot of the younger players were without any really good guitars, so I reached out to my friends at Fender, and they gave me several guitars to put in the hands of some really cool up-and-coming guitar players. Other artists however had great Fender guitars, but were suffering from lack of any sort of exposure, living in very small towns in mid-America, or outside the US all together. I went back to Fender, and said what is really needed is a spotlight to shine on the unknown artists.
Two years ago, when I went to the NAMM show, guitar player Josh Gooch saw all the young players that were hanging around, and said, “I see you have your brotherhood of the guitar with you.” So I have Josh Gooch to thank for the name!

Eilidh McKellar


Hayley Mclean

Hayley Interview.mp4

Reno Schnell: with the Peter Sonntag band

Behind Blue Eyes - Peter Sonntag Quartett live

Pinball Wizard - Peter Sonntag Quartett live

Peter Sonntag Trio - MusikMesse 2011

Milena Broniowska: live at the Muikmesse 2012

back up guitarist to Tommy Deander

"Jam of the Year Band" playing "Hold the Line" @Agora Stage 2012

Alicia Marie Venchuk: All Shook Up

All Shook Up For T-Bone by Alicia on Guitar

Aline Fernandes,Eduardo Zanetti: covers You Can't Save Me

Aline Fernandes e Eduardo Zanetti - You Can't Save Me - Richie Kotzen - 30.03.2012

Gretchen Menn: Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love

Photo from SonomaPicMan

Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love
After tours throughout the United States, two live albums, and sharing stages with the likes of KISS, Y&T, and The English Beat, Zepparella drummer Clementine and guitarist Gretchen Menn embrace change and welcome two new band members. Zepparella stopped by to play for KINK Live at the Bing Lounge.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love' >Video: Zepparella - Whole Lotta Love</a>

<a href='' target='_new' title='Zepparella - Bring It Home' >Video: Zepparella - Bring It Home</a>

<a href='' target='_new' title='Zepparella - Live Interview on KINK.FM' >Video: Zepparella - Live Interview on KINK.FM</a>

Divaldi Addina: Carparelli Guitars Endorsement

The wings of Destiny ! it's 'The Official' Carparelli Guitars !!! featuring Divaldi Addina

Divaldi Addina tribute to Jason Becker
 Jason Becker Tribute "Perpetual Burn" By 10year old Divaldi Addina.