Saturday, 28 April 2012

Irene Ketikidi: Extended Pentatonic Licks - great new lesson

You can get this full lesson here:

Lesson files include:
- Main video and full audio file of the lesson
- Several slow close up videos explaining all 5 licks separately (16 videos all together)
- PDF diagrams for each lick
- 4 speed backing tracks
- PDF scale charts and examples for stretch fingerings
- Full lesson tab in Guitar Pro 5 and PDF

- Full in depth PDF lesson description on 4 pages

Extended Pentatonic Licks - Guitar Lesson by Irene Ketikidi

Satoru Suzuki: becomes a Daisy Rock Artist

Here's Satoru Suzuki our newest Daisy Rock Artist with her brand new guitar!

SATORU is to inform you about 6 pm on Sun 27 from Los Angeles. Well, tentatively, is Important. This time, we contractーーーーendorsed Mr. and Daisy Rock Guitars! ! You have to disturb you, depending on the showroom of Los Angeles, let me contract. In other words mean that the contract was in English · · · · ·. Mean with the help of a friend fluent in English and with respect to each contract, was able to sign something · · · ·. Mean really bad I have to understand yourself to study more English · · · ·. When it comes to artists are using the Daisy Rock Guitars, the best big-Abril ravine. Come and I will Sangha Eita yuan of Seven Seas' s guitarist in Japan. I think as a worldly image and lasting image of that found using (guitar vocals mainly) female artist so cute. Well, from the character of SATORU is I w I is a little far , but you can see and enjoy even look at the pictures, I design it is also cool guitar. And they say, your job is SATORU, I'll also become cool guitarist! ! ! Will be going to appeal to it that. It is not work hard. That it is easy to make a girl guitar began playing guitar more, easy to play in the women's guitarist is the concept of Daisy Rock Guitars. If you have a heart was hot in the women's original bassist, called, I want you to be more active in the world Tish women artists of the president. I think over who to contract, and want to respond to this passion. And, once in a while I seriously (¯ ▽ ¯) has become a good agreement with other guitar so endorsed. I will use in the Suzaku Les Paul of course you ---- you'll also use the so Stratford. Daisy Rock Guitar I think it will go through in the main Evisc.Is, in the first live Evisc you are ahead (28 and over here that is) tomorrow! ! ! The spear in a place called Tiki Bar of Costa Mesa. Since unveiling of the guitar, I'll do my bestーーーー! ! ! (google translate :) )

Courtney Cox,Satoru Suzuki: The Iron Maidens, Brazil 2011

15/06/2011.Quarta Cold Day Fair!
Jundiaí / SP. Village Bar presents The Iron Maidens.
Band composed of girls, lavishing beauty and talent. Kirsten Rosenberg (Bruce Chickinson) - voice / Wanda Ortiz (Steph Harris) - Bass / Courtney Cox (Adriana Smith) - guitar / Satoru Suzuki - guitar / Linda McDonald (Nicky McBurrain) - drums. Video shot by me Even

The Iron Maidens -Caught Somewhere in Time . Live in Brazil . Jundiai/SP. 15/06/2011 Aldeia Bar

The Iron Maidens - Flight Of Icarus . Live in Brazil. Jundiai/SP. 15/06/2011 Aldeia Bar