Saturday, 26 May 2012

Julia Kosterova: working on a new EP
Music by Julia Kosterova © 2012 Julia Kosterova All rights reserved.
Jamming with one of the new tracks from the upcoming EP. Not disclosing the lineup and featured soloists at this point though:) Sign up for updates to be the first to know who's playing on my record!

Julia Kosterova - new song riffs and guitar jam

Michelle Meldrum, Nicole Couch: Phantom Blue - Time To Run

Phantom Blue is an all-female Los Angeles based heavy metal quintet formed in 1988. This song is from their 1993 album called Built to Perform.
This video is dedicated to the memory of Michelle Meldrum (September 28 1968 - May 21 2008) and Rana Ross (R.I.P. 3rd May 2003)
The Lyrics reads like so :
Well I'm standing at the front line
My life seems like a war
And I'm so tired of fighting babe
Don't wanna see your face no more
Well I think you know it's over
It's better left undone
Now I will soon be going
'Cause the things you've said and done
I know baby it's time to run
Why don't you open your eyes
And I know
Baby your time has come
It's time to run
When I'm talking to ya boy
I might be talkin to the wall
Now I've got news for you
You just ain't no fun at all
I don't hear a word for me
I don't hear your words at all
You better watch your step
'Cause you're heading for a fall
I just wanna walk away
I just turn my back and say
Baby your time has come
I'm so tired I'm so confused
Twice around I've paid my dues

Baby it's time to run

Phantom Blue - Time To Run with lyrics

Bitchie: Hysterica - Heels of Steel

Bitchie started off as a blues guitarist. One day she accidentally played a heavy metal riff. Bitchie instantly felt that she was born to play metal and has been faithful to metal ever since. In 2005 she brought a group of sisters together and formed the first line up of Hysterica

Hysterica - Heels of Steel

Cinthya Blackcat: Mystica Girls - Official videos

Mystica Girls- Metal Rose (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Mystica Girls- Metal Rose (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Mystica Girls "The Conquest" official Video

Cinthya Blackcat: trolls in the dark

im really a big fan of Luca Turilli, hope you like it,follow me on twitter @cinthyablackcat or facebook/cinthyablakcatmysticagirls

Check out our new single "The conquest" of Mystica Girls

Rhapsody "trolls in the dark" by cinthya blackcat