Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Yuki: D_Drive Live at Chicken George

Special Collaboration band is playing "D_ICHIGEKI" by Susumu ICHIGEKI of comfort was held in Kobe Chicken George (Saturday) January 21, 2012, and D_Drive. M16 (D_Drive) dream art sound seat (ICHIGEKI comfort binary) D_DRIVE Http://Www.Hp-dd.Com ICHIGEKI binary comfort Http://K-ichigeki.Com/ Livepv shooting

"D_ICHIGEKI" Live at Chicken George / D_Drive / 快 進 の Ichigeki

Lyris Hung: progressive, melodic metal with electric violin - Lyris Hung of the metal band Hung paid us a visit at the New England Metal Fest 2012 and completely amazed us with her electric violin playing. The band Hung is progressive, melodic metal with electric violin from New York City. Lyris had the opportunity to sample a number of the Maxon pedals which we displayed on the pedalboard you see in this YouTube video.

Hung is:

Dmitry Kostitsyn - vocals
Lyris Hung - electric violin
Evil Jon - guitar
Sam Roon - bass
Kenny Grohowski -- drums

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Visit the official Hung website:

Lyris Hung Electric Violin @ New England Metal Fest 2012