Monday, 18 June 2012

Nita Strauss: Guitar Greed twenty question interview

20 Questions with Nita Strauss - Interview

Nita Strauss is the guitarist for "The Iron Maidens" and "Consume the fire". She is undeniably one of the sexiest female guitarist out there. The best part about Nita is that she matches her techniques and guitar playing abilities with her looks. It was great talking to her and I hope you guys have some fun reading this interview.

1. Hey Nita! or rather should I call you "Mega Murray"?.  First off all thanks for taking the time and giving us this interview. To kick start the questions, tell us a bit about yourself, the mystery behind your name and the formation of the female Iron maiden tribute band "The Iron Maidens" ?

Hiya! Well, the Maidens have been around since 2001 but since I'm not only the new guy but also not a permanent member of the band I might not be the best person to talk about the history! As far as the nickname "Mega Murray" goes, the band has had so many different guitarists in the Dave Murray position, I decided on a stage name that reflected my personality and style.