Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tomo-Zo: Gacharic Spin - new single

Has released the PV of the 4th single "Nudi rhythm" Gacharic Spin was released on June 27.
This first single is responsible for the vocal and keyboard Oreoreona Armmy flowers after the withdrawal of vocal drum. Let me hear the beautiful harmony of vocal twin.
PV had been released from the previous version of LIVE, PV different this time also it was published. Have finished in the PV sexy members go Take off your clothes.

Gacharic Spin / Nudi rhythm

Gacharic Spin / ヌーディ リズム (LIVE version)

Yuki: D_Drive - 2nd DVD announced

Second stage D_Drive Yuki instructional DVD release "Introduction to Ultra! sweep play" absolute! The special pre-release one-man live in Tokyo on August 5 D_Drive! ! Specifications are limited venue of the day what a special jacket. Limited jacket (which is a copy surprised ah) published at a later date. Views of YouTube Videos digest, then a big hit of the bullet 1st instructional DVD "Introduction to ultra-play guitar together! Soctama" Over! 1.470.000 times what this 2nd DVD jacket is limited to one Premier be. Wanmaraibu D_Drive Tokyo, August 05! This day is a chance to Get.

Clip - YUKI [D_Drive]

Ciara Camacho: Born Of Osiris - Exist

Ciara Camacho:
My name is Ciara, Im Female guitar player, I been playing guitar for 2 years and 5 months learning my self, spanish is my first language sorry for mistakes..hope you enjoy my vids ;)

Born Of Osiris - Exist (guitar cover)

Sheryl Bailey: Queen of the BeBop


Bailey grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of a musical family. She started playing the guitar at 13.At first she was primarily interested in rock music and after a few years she heard Wes Montgomery play on the radio and discovered jazz. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she helped to found the college's first LGBT student group. After college, she taught music in Baltimore before moving to New York City in 1988 to further her career as a performer. She released her first album, Little Misunderstood in 1995. It featured musicians George Colligan, Vince Loving, and Chris Battistone
In 2001, Bailey released Reunion of Souls with guitarist Chris Bergson, featuring Ashley Turner and Sunny Jain. Stewart Mason of Allmusic called one of the tracks "charming" and one "perfectly sweet" but said that the album was "nothing groundbreaking". This was followed by The Power of 3! in 2002 which contained eight tracks all written by Bailey. Allmusic's Rick Anderson said that each track was "a gem" and "more complex than you'd guess at first listen". Overall he said the album was "highly recommended". Her next album was 2004's Bull's Eye. In 2006, Bailey released her fifth album Live @ the Fat Cat and was a headline act at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival. Her sixth album, A New Promise, was released by MCG Jazz February 2, 2010. She also teaches at Berklee, and at Stanford University's summer workshops.

The debut of the straight ahead Sheryl Bailey 4, featuring pianist Jim Ridl, bassist Gary Wang, and the powerful drumming of Shingo Okudaira.
20% of sales benefit the Ronald McDonald House of NYC - a very special place for children and their families in cancer treatment.
This project is a testament to the healing powers of music!

1. An Unexpected Turn
2. For All Those Livin'
3. A Muse SIngs
4. Masa's Bag
5. 29-11
6. Wilkinsburg
7. For A Russian Princess
8. Moblin'


Sheryl continues her series on Bebop Flow, where she teaches how to play in any harmonic situation and create long, fluid lines with this concept of applying the Dom7 Be-bop Scale with a group of chord substitutions called "The Family of 4". In this class, Sheryl shows how to combine families for altered II - V's. It includes a review, or introduction if you have not viewed the first class, of the Dominant 7 Bebop scale along with new concepts and written materials in standard notation.
Sheryl Bailey - Beblop Flow Part 2 - Combining Families for Altered II V's

Izzy Johnson: My Curse - Killswitch Engage


Hope you enjoy! :) Joel and Adam are the kings of pinchesssssssssss!

This is for you Stace! :)

My Curse - Killswitch Engage {By Izzy}