Monday, 23 July 2012

Laurie Morvan: Blues guitar playing girl living in a man's world

While filming a "Blues In The Schools" performance for The Sacramento Blues Society, I met Laurie Morvan and her band, at The Station, in Roseville Ca May, 13 2011. I only had 1 hour of film left after filming some excellent high school student bands, but after hearing The Laurie Morvan Band during their sound check, I got permission to film their first set. Very nice people, and totally great musicians. This song is the last song of Lauries first set, and
Laurie comes down off the stage to be with the people. When she plays right in front of their faces you can see how exciting it is. Laurie will be back in Northern California twice during 2011, check out her website at I normally plug my camera into the sound system mixing board to get the great audio I want in my DVDs, but on this night it was not possible, so it does not capture the fidelity of the band. These guys have a tremendous live sound. Also, please help support the "Blues in the Schools" program at

Laurie Morvan, Living In A Man's World by Laurie Morvan, Laurie Morvan Band tears it up on No Working During Drinking Hours, live blues at its best

No Working During Drinking Hours, Laurie Morvan Band, live

Nili Brosh,Jelena Kiric: Jason Becker road trip

Nili Brosh
A very special happy birthday to the amazing Jason Becker! See you in a few hours!! Making the drive up to NorCal.....

Jason's birthday was sooooo amazing! Quick little day trip to San Fran tomorrow before heading back to LA — in

Јelena Kiriћ
Tonight, I kissed Jason Becker on the cheek, saw the amazing and inspiring documentary about his life, and realized I really need to practice more... Not washing my lips ever again... :-[]

Matt Blackett (Guitar Player)
The screening of Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet was a blast last night. The stars of the movie, Dave Lopez,Gary Becker, and of course Matt Blackett, were all there. Oh yeah, Jason was there too and did an engaging and hilarious Q&A after the film. As if it couldn't get any cooler, it was Jason's birthday too. What a great night. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to ASAP!

Jason Becker's Birthday bash 2012 singing Happy Birthday