Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sarah Michelle: Seymour Duncan interview

What’s the curriculum like at BIMM Dublin? Describe your class load and typical day?

“The main goal of this course is to master your instrument. A huge part of the curriculum is performance. Learning how to present yourself on stage and play with complete confidence is very important to becoming a successful musician and we get to learn all this in a very positive, encouraging environment. The tutors are very accomplished musicians with a lot of experience and knowledge. I’m very lucky to have professional musicians like Jimmy Smyth and Simon McBride as tutors. Another part of the course is theory, and sight reading, which is a big must-have when your goal is to become a professional musician. The course helps you become the best musician and performer you can be.”

Tell us a little bit about your gear. What are your main guitars, amps and effects currently?

“My Ibanez RG770 and Strat are my two main guitars. They’re both very different, but very useful. I’ve always loved the pure Strat tone, it’s a pretty versatile guitar. I love the wizard neck on my Ibanez. I also play PRS guitars which combines the classic with the modern. I use Marshall’s JCM series as my main amplifiers as they’ve got a real pure rock tone and are very capable of giving a great sound to any style. I use a Fender Blues Junior for my cleans. I also love MESA’s Rectifier for a heavier sound. I use a YJM boost pedal for solos. I like to keep things as simple as possible by using the settings on the amp with classic effects like Dunlop’s Crybaby pedal. I also love using a BB preamp for getting a dirty blues sound.”

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Yngwie Malmsteen YJM Fury Pickups - Seymour Duncan