Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sarah Longfield: String Manufacturers take note!

Sarah Longfield: I wish ordering individual guitar strings was cheaper, quicker, and less of a pain in the ass D:

hint, hint... any String manufacturers want to help with a string endorsement for Sarah Longfield?

Maybe these guys who make brilliant guitar stringa can help 

Magdalena Loborec: Masters in Bon Jovi Guitar Solo on iPad

Congratulations to Magdalena Loborec who just got her Master of Science qualification! To prove that this is no fluke... bang! iPad is given a thrashing.

Magdalena Loborec performing 'Livin' on a Prayer' legendary guitar solo on her iPad. Video is recorded on a beautiful beach on Croatian island Rab. She is playing on an iPad hard rock virtual guitar (GarageBand app).

Beach Bon Jovi Guitar Solo on iPad

Stephanie Pickard: lessons on bandhappy

Stephanie Pickard

Thanks to all the students today-everyone was super cool and did a great job! if you are interested in lessons check my schedule out

BANDHAPPY intro lesson day! did a lesson from LA to New York and pictured below a lesson from LA to London with Jez! Now about to teach another lesson in New York \m/ =D

The Commander-In-Chief: mums the word!

The Commander-In-Chief

It is time to answer a question I am being asked a LOT: "how did you and your manager meet?" Well, she is my fulltime manager, PR agent, Booking agent, Singing teacher (She was trained as a professional opera singer in Italy), mentor and so much more. Those of you who did not know it already have probably figured out by now that only a MOTHER would do all that for an unsigned artist for four years

:) She was not happy when I announced my decision to play guitar and that my genre was metal. She was very concerned about me going into a totally male dominated genre as the first female solo artist, but after two years she saw how serious I was and we agreed to team up and go for this 100%. We had no contacts in the Metal world and no money, but we decided to do this, no matter how much we would have to sacrifice. The rest is history

The Commander-In-Chief footage live at Bloodstock 2012