Saturday, 1 September 2012

Yui: pentatonic scale DVD

"The guitar is called burst! Such a thing" DVD didactic YUI will explain the basics of improvisation. Easy to understand the basics, the pentatonic scale guitarist of all compulsory subjects discussed instead. Practice begins the description of whether the thing what is the scale in the first place, to get a feel to play the ad lib in a major scale, which is the scale most familiar, Pentatoni various referral tips to cover the position ofッnetwork scale.

Digest "Introduction to super pop Absolutely pentatonic scale" DVD instructional YUI

Yuki: D_Drive delivers new DVD

Yuki : D_Drive

Product introduction

Yuki commentary has focused on the basis of D_Drive sweep. You can master the sweep begins steadily phrase with only two strings, so we will follow to the phrase you use a lot of strings in sequence. Full of demo songs that can not be seen only here of course.

and sweep ■
■ Alternate picking and economy picking
five points to master sweep ■!
■ sweep with two strings
with three strings ■ sweep
sweep with four strings ■
◎ Code Relationship and tone sweep
sweep with five strings ■
■ phrase plus tapping
plus ■ Slide phrase
phrase with the music of ■ D_Drive
Let us playing together in ■ code

Hi there! Yuki is the guitarist of D_Drive! In this DVD, I have narrowed down to explain the basis for the sweep. I sweep, but it is at first glance seems to be difficult. But okay! It will show carefully dropped the tempo from various angles, starting from the phrase using only two strings, because the first will increase the string to use gradually, you can master the sweep steadily. Besides, we are not able to eliminate worries that holding the reveal in this DVD "five points", or extra sound would come out, such as sound or not well connected.  Now, the challenge to sweep with me!

Can play DVD "Absolutely instructional! "/ Yuki Introduction to Ultra-sweep [D_Drive] Digest

Lita Ford,Mitch Perry: Andy Hall interview


Lita Ford,Mitch Perry: Andy Hall interview

Lzzy Hale: number one in the Top 10 "Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock"

Revolver magazine's Top 10 "Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock" are:

01. Lzzy Hale (HALESTORM)
03. Taylor Momsen (PRETTY RECKLESS)
04. Ash Costello (NEW YEAR'S DAY)
05. Brooklyn (PICTURE ME BROKEN)
06. Maria Brink (IN THIS MOMENT)
07. Kimberly Freeman (ONE-EYED DOLL)
08. Anissa Rodriguez (EYES SET TO KILL)
09. Alexia Rodriguez (EYES SET TO KILL)
10. Cristina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL)

Yvi Wylde: grabs gig for the Fender Beetle Edition

Yvi Wylde grabs gig for the Fender Beetle Edition, the people car with the peoples guitar.