Monday, 10 September 2012

The Commander-In-Chief: thank you for your support - now 110%!

The Commander-in-Chief - Bloodstock 2012 (C) 2012 John Lambeth / Status Photography — atCatton Hall.
By now you should have received 2 FREE mp3s from her but we have had some email problems lately so I want to check if you got them: the unreleased new version of DROPOUT and her song BATTLE FOR THE MIND. 

If you have not received both of them as mp3s, please let me know and I will send you the song (s) you are missing.

Also, later this week I will send you the very first thing she started her Myspace page with, an animated music video for the very FIRST version of her first song, Battle for the Mind. This version is not at all as good as the new version but the video speaks volumes about her talents and dedication. She made me take more than 1000 pics of her so she could have the exact pics she wanted in the video and her animation teacher was so impressed with the result that she wrote her a glowing letter of recommendation and gave her one her own Macs, so she could continue to work on animation. And she was only 18 back then...

As I write this we have reached 110% for her Campaign! We did set a very short timeline for her campaign compared to many other bands. I did this on purpose to see if I was right, when I said that she had fans who were willing to support her when she needed it the most. You guys have proven me right! We are both extremely grateful.

We are waiting for PledgeMusic to transfer the first 1/3 of the money to us, hopefully within days. As soon as it arrives we will order the EPs, T-shirts and posters so they can be shipped asap. She is already working on the totally amazing artwork for the limited edition EPs with artwork and she cannot wait to start with the guitar lessons someone has pledged for.

It is still 2 weeks to go so if you feel like spreading the link for her campaign to your friends and tell them about it, that would be great!

Thank you again for supporting her when she truly needs it the most:) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I am on FB and mail every day, unless we have a full day rehearsal.