Monday, 17 September 2012

Christie Lenée: Moonlight Serenade fingerstyle and percussive acoustic - Excellent!

I composed this piece inspired by the gravitational pull of the moon and changes in the environment. It is essentially an expression of emotion- not necessarily a lullaby, though the name Moonlight Serenade just happened. I've asked the filmmaker to please re-sync the audio but in the meantime would like to share the song. For all of you guitarists out there: this is in DADGAD tuning. Enjoy!

Moonlight Serenade- Christie Lenée Fingerstyle -Tapping Guitar Composition

Song for Michael Pukac - Christie Lenee - Live at Hideaway Cafe

Sandi Thom: new album reviewed

Bluesman extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa is the focus of 'I Love You Like A Lunatic' as Sandi raves about their love affair. And, in a join the dots moment, Kevin Shirley, producer to Joe amongst others, is onboard to mix two tracks: a piano driven duet with Buffy Sainte-Marie on Buffy's own classic, 'Big Ones Get Away' and 'Sun Comes Crashing Down' which possesses a fabulous full gloss Fleetwood Mac vibe. Interestingly, the latter began life whilst Sandi was in Africa as an Oxfam ambassador and witnessed the heart crushing realities of a poor harvest: another side to an artist who's found a home for her obvious talents. 

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Orianthi: Heaven in this hell coming soon..

U DONT WANNA KNOW ...Heaven in this hell...