Thursday, 20 September 2012

Juliana Vieira: 3,000,000 view a tapping thank you

Hello guys okay?
Made a video of thanks by 3 million hits on Youtube * ---------- * I enjoyed talking to the ExpoMusic this year and also played one of my songs.

3.000.000 views + ExpoMusic 2012 + Original Song :)

Nili Brosh: joined the Ibanez family

Nili Brosh shared Ibanez Benelux'

Nili Brosh is a female guitarist who uses 7strings guitar.
She did a full European tour as a featured player in
Tony MacAlpine's band.
She now joined the Ibanez family.

Nili Brosh was born in Israel and moved to Boston at age 12 with her family. She attended Berklee College of Music, and has performed with many artists including Guthrie Govan, Stu Hamm, Andy Timmons, the Iron Maidens and Tony MacAlpine. She is currently working on her second solo CD. Ibanez sat down with her to discuss how she uses 7-string models in her music and live performances.

Ibanez interviews Nili Brosh about her Premium and Prestige 7-string Guitars

Aleks Sever: Danger Girl CD release date announced

Aleks Sever

Aleks Sever
Hi Everybody... I'm very excited to announce that my new CD "Danger Girl" will be released on Tuesday, September 25th !! It will be available on Amazon, iTunes and directly through my website for hardcopies. Thanks so much for all your kind words and support for the music. It makes it complete to know that there are people out there listenin

Aleks Sever