Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nita Strauss: adds one to make seven... next stop eight?

Nita Strauss on the six
Nita Strauss:  Just picked up my gorgeous new guitar from the @Ibanez_USA custom shop! You guys wanna see pics?

Here it is! The newest member of the family :)

Alejandra Mesliuk: announces guitar classes


Pick and fingers technique, slurs, fingerpicking, sweep picking, tapping into 8 fingers, slap, etc ... tonal and modal harmony, scales, arpeggios, modes, improvisation. Polyrhythm, bars and amalgam additives. Elements of composition and display of resources on the instrument. Development of musical identity and expression. [Class Duration 1 hour]


Versatile guitarist, choosing to develop in the area of high level rock, drew on elements of jazz, tango, folklore, Indian and Arabic music.

studied harmony and jazz guitar at Berklee method under the EMPA. took private lessons ended and counterpoint with Daniel Jauregui and vocal music with Aline Meyer lndia. Gestalt and joined bands like Inventio, as a session singers accompanied melodic rock and pop bands. She teaches clinics and seminars for guitarists and musicians in general in Buenos Aires and the interior of the country, while preparing his first book "technique and expression". Method of tapping and slap guitar strings 6 and 7. Participated quintet "Edgardo Lopez" (Tango, Jazz and popular music of Argentina).Integrates the band "A Persuasive Reason" (Florida, USA), making recordings and arrangements and is composing his first solo.


Alejandra Mesliuk from A Persuasive Reason (Destination solo)

Donna Grantis: announces Blues Master Class in Amsterdam

Donna Grantis


Hello friends in Holland!! I will be hosting a Blues GUITAR MASTERCLASS at Badcuyp on Sunday October 7th from 14h-17h. All ages and levels of ability are welcome. Bring your axe! We'll spend the afternoon playing music and talking about improvisation, phrasing, harmony, ear training and rhythm. Bring your guitar! Contact AmsterdamMusic Promotors for more info and to register: info@amsterdammusicpromotors.com / +31 2 06 75 11 72.