Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ekaterina Biricheva: the final countdown with added hairy man :)


нельзя просто так взять и пройти мимо

Diana Zeidan: Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Divaldi Addina: Flow like water a tribute to Jason Becker

The song call "Flow like water".
i call it that. because every tones run like water, very smooth and very Fast.
these arpeggios movement, i got inspired from The Great Legend Mr Jason Becker.
so.., I made these pathway for each pattern, according to the capacity of my fingers.
and i develop it, and became one great idea of song.
This is for you Mr Jason and for every one who love sweep picking.
thank you very much, enjoy the song, and have a great day ! :-)

My Tribute to Jason Becker. (11 years old Divaldi) using Carparelli Arco-F1 & Boss GT-100

Polina Slavskaya: Hollow Mirror - ripping it up

my band www.facebook.com/HollowMirror (LIIIIKKKKE IT!!!) | vkontakte.ru/hollowmirror
Production : me, myself & i

Polina Slavskaya (Hollow Mirror) The Black Dahlia Murder - Deathmask Divine (guitar cover)

Eva Vergilova: Metallica - One, second part

Sally Gates: Piano Tapping - Bach piece

Sally Gates

Sally Gates of Orbweaver piano tapping the Bach piece 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring' on her PRS Custom 22.

Artist pages:

Piano Tapping - Bach piece