Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cissie Goumare: One - Metallica Multi Camera HD

Cissie Goumare
Hi, my name is Cissie.  I'm from The Netherlands (Holland) and am 19 years old. I have been playing the guitar since summer 2005.  I saw a lot of people uploading videos of them playing guitar on Youtube and thought it would be fun to upload some videos too! I get asked about my gear a lot, so here it is:

  • ESP M-II ntb
  • Martin DCME
  • Custom Stratocaster
  • Line 6 Spider II 75 watt

Cissie with Kirk Hammett 
This is One by Metallica through my ESP M-II loaded with EMG JH Het Set Pickups into my Blackstar HT-20!  Recorded with Sure SM 57 microphone and Sony Cybershot camera. Edited with Sony Vegas 10.
Please watch in 1080p HD quality.  Follow me on Facebook: Cizzie888

One - Metallica by Cissie on Guitar - with Hammett solo MULTICAM HD

Ludmila Oliveira: Yoshi's Island theme tapped


Su mi Lee: Great Guthrie Govan cover

Wow, stunning! Su mi Lee gets it down!

Daegu Maru Music Academy Lee Su Mi
korean girl guitarist 이수미 lee su mi alex guthrie jess lewis wonderful slippery.wmv

Sylwia Urban: The Pink Floyd solos - Excellent

This is my friend's birthday and I decided to give her a gift.
It might seem strange but this solo is one of the hardest to play for me even though it does not require such technical skills. I hope she likes it and so do you! Feel free to leave your opinion.

To record it I used:
- my lovely friend who always put up with me even though we record something hundredth time
- Fender American Deluxe SSS
- Toneport GX

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo cover

Pink Floyd - Time solo

Pink Floyd - High Hopes solo with slide

Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond solos and improvisation

Anouck André: Charlie Hunter style

Hi folks!
I tried to improve my 'in and out ' phrasing over a static groove.
I've been really influenced by the great Charlie Hunter and the nice Analog Playground album.
The guitar has been made by the french luthier Tom Marceau

Anouck André : In and out phrasing - Charlie Hunter style

Zoe Thomson: The Mini Band at live festival

Zoe Thomson and The Mini Band aged 9 to 11 play The Pretender by Foo Fighters at Bucklebury Beer Festival, one year on from when their Enter Sandman video went viral.

The Mini Band aged 9 to 11 play The Pretender by Foo Fighters - kid band who rocked Metallica!

Aleks Sever: album available on itunes and amazon

Aleks Sever: Danger Girl

“Aleks Sever is a powerful new artist/guitarist that deserves to be heard in a big way. Her feeling and soulfulness on the guitar is astonishing. Her roots in soul music are very deep… Very, very deep. Check out Aleks Sever… You won’t be disappointed and your mouth will probably drop open like mine did :-)” —Lee Ritenour

You don't hear much about female guitar instrumentalists, but one who has caught my attention is Aleks Sever. A fixture on the Los Angeles music scene for nearly a decade, Aleks has taken styles from the likes of Prince and Jeff Beck, and mixed in lots of funky and bluesy grooves, into a debut album that is sure to distinguish her amongst those few female instrumentalists. guitar girl magazine

or iTunes

Andreia Gomez: MIND EP nearly done

Hi all,
We've been cooped up recording and producing for far too long (the best part of a year), and finally we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel! The tracks for our brand new EP are due to be sent for mixing and mastering by Greg Brooker of Glasstone Records within the next week, three songs we already had recorded semi-professionally (Insight, Control and Wake) and one that hasn't been heard before (Soul Rise). Right now it's sounding great so we can't wait to hear what the producer does with it.

Of course this means that we'll finally be able to get out and play a slew of gigs with our new lineup, which we're all extremely excited about! So you can be looking here or on our Facebook page for details of when and where we are playing, as well as news about the EP and how to get your hands on it.

Read the Guitar on Sky interview

Andreia Gomez: progressive guitar fusion soloing techniques