Friday, 12 October 2012

Liz Rainsberry: Nolly's Solo from The Impossible 2.0

I'm back. Covering something for the first time in ages. Along with swanky editing luls.


Original solo by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood;
Original song by Mike Dawes. All rights reserved to these gents.
Check out both the acoustic and '2.0' versions!

So I came across this solo whilst checking out Mike Dawes' latest composition, and I simply fell in love with it, really. Just going to show it doesn't have to be crazy shred, yet showing off some great technique and melodic goodness. Thought it inspired me to the extent of giving it a go! Even though somebody beat me to making the cover, but ah well! Transcribed by ear, and all, anyway.

Gear: Jaden Rose Series Two, Blackstar HT-1R, SM57 Mic, Focusrite Saffire 6; Software: Logic Pro 9, Final Cut Pro 7.

Give me all the constructive critique; especially on the bending, since I'm usually a bit weak on that front. Also editing tips! Was the first time using Final Cut so experimented with watermarks and end credits so yeah. In terms of what's next, video wise? Go to my official website for more info, as I should have some news/updates regarding that. Until then.

Mike Dawes 'The Impossible 2.0' - Nolly's Solo Cover -- Liz Rainsberry

Yuri Isobe,Kiko Loureiro: First Of All New EP

Yuri Isobe (Yuri Isobe)

5. Cafeteria [bonus track]

Yuri Isobe and Kiko Loureiro

1st mini ALBUM long-awaited "Yuri Isobe!" Rave! Kiko Loureiro also (ANGRA)

It was nice really! I heard Yuri made ​​the original CD for the first time because I was I wanted to listen to her songs all the way, This time, I'm very excited. I have played several times in Brazil, then there is also a talented Yuri, it's a really good guitarist. Listening to the song, It was really good, I think more so! I hope you get some activity and success in the future. Best wishes Kiko Loureiro

Nita Strauss: loves her new Ibanez guitars!

Love love love @Ibanez_USA guitars

Sabrina Marabelli,Cristina Fedel: RougeNoire rock nband

SABARAX  - Sabrina Marabelli  ( the girl with the flying v guitar)
CRILBILL - Cristina Fedel (the girl with the sg guitar)

Back in 2005, five young women coming from different musical experiences, decided to create a new ROCK band to be called ROUGENOIRE. Their commitment will be to keep alive the feeling and the sonic and visual impact of the legendary HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL bands of the Seventies and Eighties. The ROUGENOIRE name has been supplied by Mia Wallace (character of Quentin Tarantino's movie "Pulp Fictino") nail varnish. 

ROUGENOIRE's live performances (hundreds to date) are breathtaking and groundbreaking: the stage is their home! In 2012 they release their first CD intitled "THE SHOW": modern technologies helped ROUGENOIRE to "capture" their sound remaining close to their ROCK traditional musical roots.


Kumi Adachi: AK-1 distortion pedal

Distortion appeared amazing and was completed by the collaboration of BOOROCKS Kumi Adachi! As a female artist, Japan's first signature model distortion! As fast as a phenomenal response, achieve a wide dynamic range.So that it can supply the best sound distortion in both single coil and humbucking pickups , with the fat switch.
And choose to pursue your real sound! Sale acclaimed Release Date:! Price: 39,800 yen (tax included) at HP Kumi Adachi, accepting mail order. limited benefits are many mail-order lag! Special offer: Shop for raw photo autographed Kumi Adachi (1) for members of the (set Kumi) Kumi Adachi fan club (2) 10% off the retail price!  = JPY 35,820 With the purchase of (3) "KUMI", you can enroll in a pair Kumi for $ 0 enrollment fee! (. Usually reason will be charged an annual membership fee of 3,000 yen) pair Kumi details: Free Shipping (4)!Available at each shop studio trial purposes Rugs: trial purposes : Studio rug HP Http://Www.Studiorag.Com/ lug International Music Co., Ltd.: Reception & Contact / TEL :075-255-7273: Mail

達久美 "KUMI" Distortion AK-1 誕生!