Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nili Brosh, Courtney Cox,Nita Strauss: Iron maidens - Alexander the Great - Paladino's

Nita Strauss look on as the Maidens rip it up

Great photo gallery from Paladino's https://picasaweb.google.com/112681659982241300268/Paladinos1020

Iron maidens - Alexander the Great 10/20/2012 Paladino's

Desiree Bassett: Jetpacks Was Yes! By Periphery

This took me a good hour or so to try to learn this solo, I've wanted to learn it for the longest time, still a work in progress, but it's getting there, very proud of myself for attempting it lol, and also because so many people would not stop asking me to make a video and wouldn't be patient with me, here's a video of me learning the solo lolz

Cover Solo - Jetpacks Was Yes! By Periphery

Hedvika Svendova: D'Addario Czech got classical class!

Hedvika Svendova is from Czech Republic showing off her great technique!

D'Addario: Classical Guitarist Hedvika Svendova

Sarah Longfield: with the Fine Constant live show.

I am Sarah :) I play guitar. I create during the cold, dark Wisconsin winters in hopes that someday this will be what I can do all day everyday! :D

Sarah Longfield: Myriadby The Fine Constant 

1.Introduction 01:05
2.Transcending Perception 03:38
3.M74 02:57
4.Nexus 04:10
5.Inevitable Disconnect 02:06
6.Ire 02:22
7.Paradoxos 02:57
8.Pari Passu 03:24
9.Gratitude 03:16
10.Ceaseless Compulsion 02:28

All of the music I make is written/recorded/mixed/etc. by yours truly! I hope you enjoy! Email:Sarahshreds@aol.com

Oxford Theater- Eau Claire, WI. - Oxfest II
Zombie Pub Crawl Kickoff

The Fine Constant

The Fine Constant

Yvi Wylde: scary announcement!!

Yvi Wylde is currently working on a New solo album which she hopes to release soon! More news to follow.

Gretchen Menn: Fading official video showing her classical side

Very classy piece of music from Gretchen Menn, this is the Official Music Video for the track Fading
Album: Hale Souls
Written by Gretchen Menn
Featuring Kirsten Menn on vocal and Emily Palen on violin
Directed by Corgam
© 2012 Mach Zero Music

Fading by Gretchen Menn

and in more rock mood

Scrap Metal by Gretchen Menn

Cathy Lauer: Lynette Skynyrd's leadguitarist

Cathy Lauer: Lynette Skynyrd

Lynette Skynyrd:  http://lynetteskynyrd.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynetteskynyrd

Singer and frontwoman for Lynette Skynyrd, Laurie's natural vocal range makes her the perfect female counterpart to Ronnie Van Zant. She is a talented musician and is more than capable on other instruments as well. Laurie has served as vocalist, guitarist, bassist and songwriter for Hallowed Engine, Dirty Red, Higher Octane, Special Head, Motochronic and Wet (to name a few). In addition to fronting Lynette, Laurie also creates all the artwork for their iconic gigposters. She is a lifelong Skynyrd fan and it was her vision that formed Lynette Skynyrd. Cathy's imminent blues-rock style is clearly influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist, Gary Rossington. Her axes of choice are Gibson Les Pauls & SG's - a definitive homage to classic era Skynyrd. Hailing from Southern California, Cathy has performed, toured & recorded with numerous artists & bands. She spent the 90's in Seattle, governing & driving her own original hard rock project, Catastrophe right thru the heart of the grunge era. Now back in her native SoCal, Cathy is heating up the fretboard in Lynette Skynyrd.