Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taimane Gardner: Bach's Toccata - Thai Uke Fest 2012


Bach's Toccata -Taimane Gardner performance at Thai Uke Fest 2012

Jessica Gardlund: at the Stockholmsmässan trying out Fibenare!

An other great guitar player - here with the Basic Jazz Rosewood guitar! — with Jessica Gardlund at StockholmsmässanTags: Fibenare Guitars Co.

Jessica Gardlund

Gretchen Menn: talks about saving your ears with Guitar Player

How do you set your stage volume?
Amps tend to sound better when they’re at a certain level, but it’s not enjoyable to me if the volume is obtrusively loud. However, as I play with really powerful drummers, I’m never the one setting the overall volume of the band. My guitar volume is always beneath the level of the drums.

Where do you position your speaker cabinets?
A lot of guitarists put their cabinets right on the floor, but that typically requires you to route the guitar through the monitors if you want to hear yourself adequately. I don’t like to count on monitors, so I put my cabinet on top of my road case so the speakers are hitting me at ear level. I angle the cabinet slightly towards me, and I move around the stage to see where the good spots are for feedback, where I can stand and not get feedback, where the guitar is going to sound louder if I’m taking a solo, and where I’m not going to be right in my own beam if I need to hear the rest of the band a bit more.

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Donna Grantis: Stratus Orbit Room, Toronto 2012

Donna Grantis Electric Band - "Stratus" (Orbit Room, Toronto)
Donna Grantis Electric Band
Filmed: Orbit Room, Toronto (June 29, 2012)
Song: "Stratus" by Billy Cobham
Album available at:

Donna Grantis - Guitar
Colleen Allen - Saxophone
Mark McIntyre - Bass
Dafydd Hughes - B3
Roger Travassos - Drums

The Commander-In-Chief: joins Laney Roster

The Commander-In-Chief,
23 year old Norwegian 7 string guitarist / singer / songwriter in Metal / Hard Rock.

Featured as “1 of 10 Modern Guitar Gods” in Europe’s leading Metal Magazine, Metal Hammer, together with Alexi Laiho and Tosin Abasi. They said this about her: “She is a seven-string-wielding Norwegian uber-shredder who has made it her mission in life to prove that shredding at blistering speeds is not just a male phenomenon.

Her recent cover of Black Sabbath classic Paranoid won her legions of fans around the world with its fretboard-burning intensity and operatic vocals.Last year she secured an artist endorsement with Ibanez and was even given a prototype Falchion 7, becoming the first player in the world to own one.

On August 10th 2012 she made her festival debut at the prestigious Bloodstock Open Air Festival, with Alice Cooper and Machine Head headlining. Despite being the first artist in Friday morning she surprised everybody by pulling a huge crowd and packed the tent at the second biggest stage, the Sophie Lancaster stage.

Following her triumphant Bloodstock performance she was immediately confirmed for Metal Hammer’s own festival: HammerFest in March 2013.