Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kaki King: Bitterzoet concert 2008

KAKI KING full concert Bitterzoet Amsterdam February 10 2008

Kaki King - guitar, rhythm box & vocals
Dan Brantigan - trumpet, EWI

KAKI KING full concert # 1 Bitterzoet february 10 2008

KAKI KING full concert # 2 Bitterzoet february 10 2008

Jennifer Batten: Skype Lessons and Bat Chat

Introducing "Bat Chat" and Skype Guitar Lessons

The “Bat Chat” idea is for anyone on planet earth with a computer or tablet, FREE Skype application (, and decent internet speed (i.e. you have previously successfully Skyped people), to be able to have a chat with me (audio/video or just audio).

I get so many e mails, Facebook inquiries and Skype requests, that I cannot keep up!

So, I’ve come up with an idea of having a party of sorts where the focus is getting a few friends together on a planned date and time to have a chat. You’re free to ask me any questions about any subject whether it be stories about touring with Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, my motorhome tours, guitars, music in general, my glass art, my film editing, metal art or anything else.

You can certainly do this as a one on one conversation, but I think it would be more fun to get at least one other person involved.

Guitar lessons are best one to one.

Chats will be 60 or 90 min long. Guitar lessons will be 60 minutes.

Contact for payment details and scheduling.

This could be a fun gift for the holidays for your friends!

And for other news - I got a chance to sit in with Brad Paisley last week during his show in San Diego. He's SUCH a monster picker. What a blast! :-)

Christie Lenée: Believe in Magic part deux Gryphon Improv Jam

Tim Reynolds LIVE solo acoustic at the blockley in Philly w/ very special guest and virtuoso guitar player Christie Lenee. This is complete improv!! In fact Christie has never even played that guitar except for about 40 minutes before she was standing in with Tim. In true form from being thrown a curve ball Tim fearlessly and anxiously gets locked into a completely random improv. Tim on his Martin d-28-12 string and Christie on a Veillette Gryphon soprano 12 string magic happens. If you don't believe you will by the end of this video, and if you were there, you know what I speak of is the truth!!

Believe in Magic part deux Gryphon Improv Jam

Sean Yseult: Schecter Guitars Signature Bass

Tuners -

Grover Bass

The Grover® ‘MINI” is lightweight, compact and durable for modern electric basses. Gear ratio is 20:1. Housing is specially machined to achieve the precise tolerance that prevents slippage and allows fine tuning. Sealed gear box has permanent lubrication that makes the MINI friction-free for life.

Finger Board -


Ebony has a snappy, crisp attack with the density of Maple, but with more brittle grains, oilier pores, and a stronger fundamental tone than Maple. It has a tremendous amount of percussive overtones in the pick attack, that mute out shortly thereafter to foster great, long, sustain

Pickups -

EMG 35P4

Designed with two offset coils that result in more low end with brilliant highs. It uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance and ceramic magnets are used to add clarity. The 35P4 has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition.

Neck -

3-pc Mahogany

Made with 3 pieces of mahogany for extra stability. 3 piece necks can withstand the test of time. Where standard necks may show aging defects from temperature and moisture changes throughout the years, the 3 piece neck will stay nice and straight for a lifetime of playability.