Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ekaterina Biricheva: Perry Mason solo

In general, decided once more to beat this solos. Crazy about the songs and the solos. Masterpiece.

Perry Mason solo

Ekaterina Biricheva - When I Close My Eyes riff cover (Takayoshi Ohmura)

Heirate mich solo cover

Divaldi Addina: Velocity - World Great Collaboration

Velocity ( Original ) - 11 years Divaldi Addina in a World Great Collaboration
( Indonesia-Canada-USA) with my uncle Charles Fitzgerald and his friends

The very very very Big Thanks to my dear uncle Charles Fitzgerald.. for made this AWESOME ..EXCELLENT video..!! he is the best editer and composer..!!
i thank you uncle, for your dedication, hard work and patience. !

and very much thanks too... to my dear uncle Mike Carparelli for the Awesome Arco F-1... and to all my uncles,aunties,brothers,sisters and friends at the FB...thank you for your great support !

Brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties and friends.....
help me to share this link....
Share... share.. share... !!!
(Time and distance is not an obstacle and a barrier anymore.
when the power of art's and hearts come together,
to break through the boundaries of space and time ...)

Velocity ( Original ) 11 years old- Divaldi Addina in a World Great Collaboration

Jennifer Batten: concert/clinic Apple Music Portland

Jennifer Batten concert/clinic Apple Music Portland
Thu, 29 November, 03:00 WET Multimedia clinic of mostly original music and films