Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ashly Badgett: Alone new EP

ALONE EP Released Today on Bandcamp!

Bluesman Vintage S-Style 62'

Sarah Longfield: gets a Stranderg fan fretted headless

Sarah Longfield
New toy! ;D I'm having wayyyy too much fun making tones for this thing haha! Video soon to follow :)

Aly Jados: Kick Starter project

Aly Jados
Help a sista out :) Only a week left guys! Any amount will help if I got half of you to donate $5 we would be on our way!!! This will help me launch my career and it is all or nothing....I need your support more now than ever before! Thanks so much guys! Let's do this! 5 dolla make me holla hunny boo boo child!

Roni Lee: Kick Starter Project

Roni Lee

While Roni Lee’s main focus is on rock ‘n’ roll, she is by no means limited by genre. Her vocals and guitar techniques span various genres, from gospel to funk, rock to soul - It all adds up to a unique sound and a unique talent. Currently touring behind her latest E.P., Prove It, Roni Lee’s powerful voice and lead guitar skills provide a captivating, hi-energy show, that’s riveting from start to finish

Roni Lee emerged from the late seventies Hollywood music scene as lead guitarist for Venus and the Razorblades, in the process laying down the foundation for a brilliant life in rock ‘n’ roll. As superb a songwriter as she is a guitarist, her best known song is perhaps the classic, “I Want to Be Where the Boys Are,” co-written by Kim Fowley and recorded by legendary rockers, the Runaways – it has been covered by countless bands since, just the tip of the iceberg in an arsenal of great tunes ripe for discovery.

In her storied career she has worked with and opened for countless artists, including Van Halen, DEVO, Spirit, Loverboy and The Motels, as well as contributed guitar to dozens of recordings, but it’s her new band project that is perhaps the most exciting. Backed by amazing musicians that are over-the top talented and rock solid, more than simply playing the songs, they deliver a performance that will both inspire and uplift, as well as reaffirm that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well in the 21st Century.

Roni Lee’s recent touring has been focused on the West Coast, ranging from the Northwest to San Diego and all points in between, with Europe and Japan also on the radar, and the rest of the world in her sights. New recordings are imminent as well as a continual extension of her never ending road work, but no matter where you hear Roni Lee and her music, whether on record or on stage there can be no doubt that she delivers! She truly…...

“Plays Like A Girl” !!!!


Teresa Russell: Long Train Runnning

Acclaimed Blues & Rock Guitarist & Singer/Songwriter Teresa Russell performs the Doobie Brothers classic Long Train Runnin. For schedule & booking please visit

Long Train Runnnin Teresa Russell Savory Sessions (stereo) 11.11.11