Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hayley McLean: with Jason Blaine live in Edmonton

Hayley and Jason Blaine live in Edmonton Nov.17 2012
After opening for Jason in Edmonton, he invited her up to jam on his song 'Flirtin' With Me'

Elisa Garbo, Anna Greta Giannotti: Diamond Beast - Flight Of Icarus

Live @ Red Lion

DIAMOND BEAST - Flight Of Icarus

Donna Grantis: Electric Band - "Cosmic Jam"

Donna Grantis Electric Band
Filmed: Cameron House, Toronto (November 10, 2012)
Song: "Cosmic Jam"
Album available at:


Donna Grantis - Guitar
Mark Rogers - Bass

Roger Travassos - Drums

Donna Grantis Electric Band - "Cosmic Jam" (Cameron House, Toronto)

Sarah Longfield: all fan fretted an ready to rip it up!

We're really looking forward to  the videos of this beauty being played.

Sarah Longfield
Been messing with this for the past few days! I can feel each note resonate through the entire body, so neat! It's almost as if it's alive :P

Christie Lenee: talks about Gryphon 12-string soprano guitar

Christie Lenee
Hey friends! I currently in a gorgeous, breathtaking atmosphere in the mountains of VT. Here exists an incredible recording studio vibrant with the sounds of my new Gryphon 12-string soprano guitar. Yesterday I stopped into Viellette Guitars to try out some of his instruments... and let's just say the universe aligned. Joe Viellette (brilliant innovator of Viellette Guitars) did not have a Gryp
hon in stock for three months, and so perfectly one arrived on the random evening that I decided to come through Woodstock, NY. It was meant to be that I brought this guitar to write and record in the mountains! Two new compositions have already been enlivened by the spirit of this instrument, both which will feature the Gryphon guitar on my upcoming instrumental album. I am here for the next several days with Emmy Awad Winning Composer/Guitarist Freddy Shehadi, surrounded by gorgeous instruments, mountains, and studio, in addition to my good friend Chris LeFevre who has so wonderfully joined me for this experience. The instrumental record is really coming along and I'm excited to share more! Back to the music :)

Tim Reynolds - Christie Lenee - Unbelievable Acoustic Guitar

Tina Wood,Carin Toti: ThundHerStruck TNT

ThundHerStruck Recorded Live @ Paladino's in Tarzana, Ca.

ThundHerStruck "TNT" 11-16-2012


ThundHerStruck "Shot Down In Flames" 11-16-2012