Thursday, 20 December 2012

Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde: Blues Girl got Guitars!

Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde


Joanne Shaw Taylor: Premier Guitar interview

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Voodoo Grooves and Guitarmageddon Tones
Describe the tracking process and how it compared to White Sugar and Diamonds in the Dirt.
On the previous albums, the goal was to capture live drums and bass. I’d jam along to show them the changes, but I’d redo all my guitar parts later. This time we actually cut all of my rhythm playing and even some of my vocals live with the band over the course of three days. On “Jealousy” and most of “Standing to Fall,” we had such a vibe going live in the studio that when we tried to redo the guitar solo and vocal, it didn’t match the atmosphere we captured when the band was there. So we kept those as live takes. I played in the same room as J.J. and Billy, and David was in a separate keyboard room.

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Joanne Shaw Taylor - 11-29-2012 - Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix - at Knuckleheads in K.C.Mo

Sylwia Urban: Nearing 1,000,000 for the Pink Floyd solos

Sylwia Urban

Hi guys. Thanks for visiting my channel.

I have been playing since 2006 and I am just covering songs I really like. I hope you enjoy

+Sylwia Urban

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo cover

Pink Floyd - High Hopes solo with slide

Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond solos and improvisation

Ciara Camacho: Ibanez 8 String Periphery - New Groove

Periphery New groove