Saturday, 12 January 2013

Jacqui Taylor: Collaboration boogie


Boogie (G Pratt/guitar and Featuring Jacqui Taylor on Lead Guitar/UK)

Sarah Longfield: set for Randall stand appearance at NAMM

Randall Amplifiers
Hey guys, check out some of the Randall Artist activities at NAMM! Look for some awesome media coming nightly from the show. — with Ola Englund, Allan Marcus, Jason Frankhouser, Sarah Longfield, Marzi Montazeri, George Lynch, Mike Fortin, Joe Delaney and Paul De Maio.

Maja Partsch: Yngwie Malmsteen - vengeance

Challenging song, but nice song :D Thought it'd be fun to make my own solo in stead of all that technical shred yngwie does - just to be a bit creative myself ;) Some mistakes here and there, but what the hell, I'm not yngwie or any other kind of god xp
And then I'll have to excuse myself for looking like a fish at some points, that's not a kind of face I often wear if you wonder..

Anyway if you want to know somthing about all the technical stuff: this is a warmoth guitar (put together different warmoth parts and painted it with a sponge)
It contains a bareknuckle pickup named "the mule" as brigdepickup which is the one I used in this vid.
Sound recorded on boss digital recorder micro BR, and then I've put some plugins in (solo-c vst and EZmix2 metaltone) And in the end an EZmix2 master. All that with some help from "reaper"..
Used audacity to tune the backingtrack up a half step, so I could play it in standart E-tuning. And used center-pan-remover in the solo to remove yngwies solo-playing and make some space for me :)

Hope you enjoy ;D

yngwie malmsteen - vengeance cover (with own solo)

Marta Witiw: Elegy Of Fear - more great guitar and keys!

This is my first own song on Youtube. All instrumental parts were written and mixed by myself. If you like it - subscribe my channel!

Sorry about pure synchro, you have to imagine, that everything is on the right place here :)

Special thanks for Ifka, who saved my precious time editing the whole video and was my personal, patient cameraman :D (Check out her channel:

Marta Witiw - Elegy Of Fear