Friday, 15 February 2013

Sharon Prudencio: Evertheory - Galaxy and Insomnia

released 08 February 2013
Dominique Gabrielle (vox)
Sharon Prudencio (guitar/vox)
Aaron McMillan (keys)
Tim Peterson (bass)
Jerad Ibarra (drums)

Progressive Alternative Rock with a uniquely atmospheric twist.

Recorded/Mixed by: Elliot Koening

Jane Getter: stream the CD Release Party

Jane Getter

If you live outside of NY and can't make it to our final "three" CD Release Party/show, you can stream it (for $3!)

Lindsay Ell: Gibson Guitar interview NAMM 2013

Gibson jams NAMM 2013 — Episode 19 — Meghan Tonjes "Gets the Blues" at NAMM.
Vlog 'n' roll at Gibson's 2013 NAMM Jam. Get ready for Keith Urban, John Mayer & Sheryl Crow all mixed together in one person! Tune in as Meghan gets all warm and fuzzy with Canadian country blues star Lindsay Ell. Wonder what that sounds like? Listen to whizz Lindsay, playing some killer blues on a beautiful Les Paul. Want more blues and behind-the-scenes coverage? Stay tuned for the inside scoop as Gibson jams NAMM.

Lindsay Ell - Gibson Guitar @ NAMM 2013

Music is.... - Lindsay Ell

Justin King - Untitled Project Guitar Cover by Lindsay Ell

Brad Paisley - Old Alabama (Outro Solo) Guitar Tutorial - How to Play Old Alabama

Sylwia Urban: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

studio mixing, mastering and recording:

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I used:Piotrek :-)
Fender American Deluxe
Koch Studiotone
Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here