Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jelena Kiric: Death - Spirit Crusher

Well here it is, my very first Death cover all the way through!

Chuck Schuldiner has been a huge influence on my guitar playing and continues to inspire me to this day.

I learned the solo by ear and by watching other peoples' covers. Mainly this guy - he covered a ton of Death material and you should go subscribe right now!

Also, don't mind the faces I was making- some of those bends hurt really badly after I spent hours and hours playing and I cut my index finger on the strings!!

Death - Spirit Crusher cover (with solos)

Irene Ketikidi: on tour with Colm Kirwan

On the road

Guess what, I'm writing this one on the train to Manchester while listening to Keith Urban - I'm getting in the spirit for Colm Kirwan’s tour in Scotland next week! Colm is a country/pop Nashville based singer songwriter. He released his album and toured in the States earlier this year and is now doing a tour in Scotland, so I'm pleased to be the guitarist and backing vocalist for his session band. Gig schedule is as follows
February 2013

28 Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

March 2013

1 Music Hall, Aberdeen

2 Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

3 Whitehall Theatre, Dundee

So basically we’ll be driving all round Scotland, exciting stuff. I've been to Edinburgh before and it was beautiful, so really looking forward to travelling round the rest of the country. Currently experiencing one of the coldest February months in the UK ever, so Continue reading "On the road" >>

Briana Alexis: Absinthe - Slayer

L.A. based original female rock band ABSINTHE performs "Slayer" live at Whisky AGoGo. Music: Briana Alexis, Lyrics: Cherokee Fortune, Drums: Lux, Bass: Eli Marcus.
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Iren Arutyunyan: Contreras '10th Anniversary

Here's guitarist Iren Arutyunyan playing Ronaldo Miranda's 'Appasionata' on a 2012 Manuel Contreras '10th Anniversary' model ( at the Guitar Salon International

Iren Arutyunyan - Contreras '10th Anniversary': Classical Guitar Guitar at GSI