Saturday, 2 March 2013

İlkim Oulanem: One Woman Black Metal Project

Band name: İlkim Oulanem
Song: boslugun les ruhlari
Info: İlkim Oulanem, is the first and only one-person female black metal project in Turkey. In 2005, Oulanem formed a pure black metal band called Messershmit in Ankara. After performing as a bass-vocal in the group for a while, in 2008 she released a personal 2-track demo. In this demo named The Alarm, all lyrics, vocals and all instrumental performances belongs to İlkim Oulanem and gathered quite interest and critically well-received. She toured in İstanbul, Gaziantep and Eskişehir for the demo The Alarm.

Nowadays with her current schedule of concerts in various cities of Turkey, she also completed to work over a split album with an U.S. band Demonic Holocaust and her second E.P iblisbilim which will be released in the may 2009. In this album İlkim Oulanem will have 5 tracks including Hey Puppet from the demo The Alarm and in this E.P, ilkim oulanem will have 3 song and one remix track.
Genre: Black Metal

İlkim Oulanem (One Woman Black Metal Project).flv

Roseann Aldrete: searing blues

Roseann Aldrete

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Lori Condarcure: looking for Talented Guitarists/Vocalists to portray Nancy Wilson in Heart tribute band

Lori Condarcure as Ann Wilson always seeking Talented Guitarists/Vocalists to portray Nancy Wilson in a Heart Tribute Band located in the southwest for more information write me at thankyou!

Yuri Isobe: new 27 fret guitar

Yuri Isobe 27 fret guitar
Well, it is an example . I tried to neck through first! The neck is thick and easy to hold in the form of about the same as Mr. Jackson. In, I have made ​​up 27 frets! In fact I do not use a rare 27 frets, high position of around 20-24 is easier to play ◎ also put in a place like angle cut to Kuvu~omi substitute "V" the Vee that can strike ※ not w are Vu~odi is becoming smaller and more size iso Ventura common!

Sense of being with the guitar in this w or it would not do was eliminate the Floyd Rose hard crazy tuning, an imitation of Kiko pickup (laughs) Before: Hot Rails : behind Parallel Axis is! Revu~a volume and tone knob, three-stage sample in a form not too sweet, not too familiar reverse headstock.

December 2, 2012 K21 presents @ Urara (Sun) "KEEP YOUR HIGH-TENSION!"
Yuri Isobe Re: First Of All Special Band (Gt) Yuri Isobe (B0J/Gt) Maeda Motoyoshi Nakamura Genta (rib Bucks / Ba) Yuki Takakura (buriki / Dr)

Yuri Isobe - Meron's Garden @西院Ooh-La-La

Luna Lee: Whenever, wherever, whatever - chinese harp

Whenever, wherever, whatever-Maxwell cover
Gayageum ver. by Luna

Thank you~!

Whenever, wherever, whatever-Maxwell cover. Gayageum ver.

Rendezvous-Craig David Gayageum ver.

Adia: The 7 Eyes - Stone Free - Electric Violin!


Adia is an American neo-soul rock violinist, singer and songwriter. Her music is a reflection of her diverse musical background; a blend of classic and alternative rock infused with blues and soul undertones.
Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI; Adia enrolled in her first violin lessons when she was just three and a half years old. Her talent was unquestionable throughout  her musical studies, which culminated in a Master of Music degree in violin performance from DePaul University in Chicago.
When she wasn’t busy practicing the violin, Adia was singing soul, funk and R&B; drawing inspiration from artists like Lauryn HillStevie Wonder and Erykah Badu. But it wasn’t until 2003 that  Adia got a glimpse of the artist she was to become, when she met legendary Croatian blues rock guitarist Nikola Sarapa.
“He was a beast!” Adia recalls, “He would play these killer solos with incredible speed.” Adia had found her mentor. Nikola quickly exposed Adia to one of the greatest players of all time: Jimi Hendrix. “It completely redefined everything that I wanted to be as a violinist and a musician,” she remembers. “ I wanted to sound like that.”
Over the next several years, Adia spent countless hours jamming to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slash, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, Van Halen, and other guitar legends. She went beyond studying their tricks and techniques, ultimately connecting with the visceral power behind their music.
The process worked, as Adia eventually molded her influences into her own unique playing style. She started backing up numerous Chicago bands, mesmerizing fellow musicians and unsuspecting audiences with her improv chops, bluesy jams, and powerful voice.  After a couple of years, she felt it was time to focus on her own songs.
Adia combines the raw power of rock with the soulful R&B she grew up with, writing music that is both unique and diverse; from the riff-heavy Americana-style “Hustler” to the dark, hard-driving “Demons”, to the beautifully serene “Ferris Wheel”. “I don’t limit my music to one particular type”, she explains.
In late 2011, Adia teamed up with some of Chicago’s finest: Matt Nelson on keyboards, Geoff Lowe on bass, Chris Sieboldand Pat Fleming on guitars, and Jonathan Marks on drums; to form the live band Adia & The 7 Eyes. They released their first recording Live from The Alley in May 2012. The performance features three of Adia’s original songs, as well as a powerful rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s “Stone Free”
Adia & The 7 Eyes - Stone Free-Jimi Hendrix Cover (Live from The Alley)