Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Juliana Vieira: Still Into You - Paramore

Juliana Vieira: Still Into You - Paramore (New Song) + SOLO
Hey guys, this is my version of Still into you by Paramore. Please help me rating this video and sharing on facebook, twitter, and blogs :)
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Susan Santos: On a quiet sea

Susan Santos " On a quiet sea" acústico directo
Susan Santos " On a quiet sea" acústico directo

Merel Bechtold: tries out for Textures

A short docu about the auditioning day for the new Textures guitarist, after Jochem Jacobs left the band early 2013.

Merel Bechtold appears 2:45

The final candidate will be announced very soon!


Textures Podcast Episode 11 - Guitar Audition Day

The Commander-In-Chief: Hammerfest V interview

Heather chats to The Commander In Chief after her set at Hammerfest V

The Commander In Chief

Courtney Cox,Gina Gleason,Allie Thrower: Queen Diamond

Queen Diamond is:

Teddi Tarnoff - Lead Vocals
Allie Thrower - Guitar & backing vocals
Courtney Cox- Guitar
Gina Gleason - Guitar
Ashley Smith- Bass
Kaleen Reading - Drums
Foster Longo - The Occasional Keys

This was recorded live at
The Black Lodge, March 28, 2008.

Visit them on MySpace at:

Queen Diamond - Arrival

Queen Diamond - The Family Ghost