Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ashly Badgett: Fountains

Bashly aka Ashly Badgett

Have you heard the new song? The new set of songs entitled "Not Alone" is coming out soon! Get pumped. https://soundcloud.com/bashly/fountains-2

Gretchen Menn: Demos the Providence Silky Drive SLD-1F and Stampede DT SDT-2

Direction: Corgam (www.corgam.com) Camera Operators: Corgam, Bianca Yeh. Audio Engineer: Mike Bemesderfer.

Rapidly gaining praise in the world of instrumental rock and beyond, Gretchen Menn isn't your average guitar hero on the rise. She once flew jets for an airline to support her six-string habit. She has studied, in equal parts, the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, and Jimmy Page. (Regarding the latter composer, she performs the music of Led Zeppelin professionally all over the U.S. with Zepparella.) Perhaps Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine's editor-in-chief, described Gretchen's solo music best when he said that she "seeks the unknown by blending disparate jazz, prog, and world-music influences into a tasty, guitaristic thrill ride."

Gretchen Menn Demos the Providence Silky Drive SLD-1F

Gretchen Menn Demos Providence Stampede DT SDT-2

Maja Partsch: sails of charon and Alison hell

Just learned the intro and solo of sails of charon. Played it just a bit slower, cause I can :D Hope you enjoy :D gotta love my messy look today, guess it's winther and time for having electric hair ;)
This is a nice solo written by Uli John Roth - gotta love his style. Also he's been a big inspiration to Jason becker and marty friedman and all those greeat guys ;D And to me he'll probably be too..
seeya soon for more rocking! :)

Scorpions - sails of charon intro solo cover

Learned this song, and tried to get to the solo by ear, so I hope my cover gives the song justice :D. I'm not used to metal rythm, so it was kind of hard to learn, all though it's not even near any of the toughest metal-rythms. But anyway, something happened in the end (after the solo) so the backing is too loud compared to my guitar, but Reaper was fucking with me, and year I will just be satisfied with this.. The backing of the solo is taken from another backing track, to avoid the guitar track - but I think its rythm is kind of wierd, and it kind of made it hard for me to follow. But that's all fucked mistakes, that is acceptable enough. Just don't mind 'em and you'll be enjoying my cover ;) But nevertheless I also developed my rythm-tecnique and my ears (when finding how to play the solo) by playing this song. Seeya next time I put up something :D

Annihilator - Alison hell (cover)

Annalisa Flo: Eddie Van Halen "my favourite Guitar Hero"

Hi, I am Flo from Italy and here is Jump of my favourite Guitar Hero Eddie Van Halen.
Keep on rockin! \m/


Flo - Panama (Van Halen)

Flo - Jump (Van Halen)

Gretchen Menn: Sadowsky nylon string electric - "I fell in love!"

Gretchen Menn - photo Kevin Barnard 
Gretchen Menn, famed for her solo guitar work and as lead guitar player for all girl band "Zepparella",  has a new guitar and it's a Sadowsky nylon string electric to add some more flavour to her own classical style pieces.
Gretchen Menn: "Roger Sadowsky sent me one to try out, and I fell in love. It's unlike anything else I have, and is great for playing classical style pieces within a rock show. It's an amazing, unique instrument."
You can find out more about the model http://www.sadowsky.com/instruments/nyc_guitars.html
 Sadowsky nylon string electric  guitar

You can check out the superb Fading by Gretchen Menn in this Official Music Video from the exciting Hale Souls album. The track feature Kirsten Menn on vocal and Emily Palen on violin and was directed by Corgam.

Fading by Gretchen Menn

Hale Souls Gretchen Menn