Monday, 15 April 2013

Ludmila Oliveira: Giselle - Heraldo do Monte

Ludmila Oliveira on YouTube:

Giselle - Heraldo do Monte
Version cover of the arrangement present in the album "Cordas Vivas" (1983).

Yvette Young: People Say I Look Like Jackie Chan at Luigi's

Yvette Young - People Say I Look Like Jackie Chan at Luigi's
I had to do a solo version of this song since my band couldn't go.

Merel Bechtold: Delain live appearance covering Timo Somers in Hilversum

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Delain - Stay Forever

Delain - Invidia (live @ de Vorstin, Hilversum)

Delain - Milk & Honey (live @ de Vorstin, Hilversum)

Delain - Electricity (live @ de Vorstin, Hilversum)

Yvette Young: blanket - Mathsquerade live show

for the Mathsquerade show we put on with Wander, Welcome to Limerick, and The Speed of Sound in Seawater

Yvette Young - blanket @ Luigi's Slice

Anouck André: Musikmesse 2013 photo gallery

Anouck André

Anouck André

Anouck André with George Marios

Anouck André

Anouck André