Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sarah Michelle: Tightrope SRV - Positive Grid JamUp Pro XT

+Sarah Michelle I'm using Postive Grid's JamUp XT recording software in this video, the amp model I'm using is based on a Matchless amp, with a boost pedal and a rotary pedal. Enjoy!

Tightrope SRV cover- Positive Grid JamUp Pro XT

Jessica Gardlund: Bach Mock

Jessica Gardlund

Sweeping! Not full speed, its difficult on a Strat, so rather play it slow but tasteful. Hope you enjoy!
(Greg Howe cover)

Bach Mock - Jessica Gardlund

Julia Kosterova: New Game - new Download!

'New Game' download - to remember & stay strong.

Today’s download is to remember all our friends and brothers and sisters who are not with us anymore. ‘New game’ is one of the first tracks I recorded and I’m uploading it as it is, that very first experimental version. My best school friend died in the tragic theater events in 2002 when I was lucky to survive and a few years later – my cousin. It took me a long time to learn to live & play again, so this tune is about good memories, sudden pain, and finding strength to go on. Stay strong.  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/juliakosterova/updates/20281

Katona Renáta: Ibanez and French guitar competition entries

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I hope you like my entry with the Ibanez Custom Les Paul (1973) guitar! :-)


Pop Woravit: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013 20 Apr 2013

This is my entry for this contest, I hope you like it! Thank you for watching!! :-)

French Guitar Contest 2 - Katona Renáta

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Jess Lewis: guitar up for auction

With two weeks to go before this incredible guitar goes up for sale, here's just a few tech specs. Chunky one-piece maple neck with a soft ‘V’ to ‘C’ back profile and 9.5” radius fingerboard. Semi-hollow body all ash construction. Seafoam green finish over three-tone sunburst nitrocellulose. Hand cut and aged three layer pearl pickguard. Handwound and aged ‘Eternal Guitars’ single coil bridge pickup and Nickel covered ET ’58 PAF neck pickup. Contact Tony Gravel for more info