Thursday, 16 May 2013

Christie Lenée: Official CD Release party!

Christie Lenee

OFFICIAL CD RELEASE PARTY ANNOUNCED! Wed, June 12th at The Bitter End NYC, Christie Lenée Trio 7-8pm. I am thrilled to soon finally have this instrumental album in hands! The artwork and mastering is progressing beautifully and I can't wait to share the final disc. Check out some samples on the music player at For the release show we will be performing a combination of instrumental and vocal music including some special band arrangements. We highly encourage all friends and fans to join us in NYC June 12th for this special celebration! Much love :)

“Christie Lenee is a wonderful spirit making beautiful music on the guitar. She has epic compositions that take one on a journey through time.”
—  Tim Reynolds, Guitarist for Dave Matthews Band and TR3

Shreddelicious adds their best wishes to Christie Lenee for that show!!

Laurie Buchanan: Killswitch Engage - Break The Silence

Laurie Buchanan

+Laurie Buchanan You would not believe the amount of times I have attempted to upload this cover and completely failed! So today is the day where I finally upload "Break the Silence" personally I find it one of the trickier songs to play out of the Killswitch albums so it's not perfect.

I had to put my concentration face on to actually get this as good as I possibly could, so excuse my boring stance and face!

Laurie Buchanan - Halestorm - I Miss The Misery - Cover - HD

Oyku Yavannie: Lamb Of God - Lamb chops!

+Oyku Yavannie Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe for more! :)

Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest ( Cover )

Lamb Of God - Redneck ( Cover )

Heike Matthiesen: Serenade Album available from CD Baby

 Heike Matthiesen: Serenade
If you love classical music... and you have a romantic soul, then listen to all these love songs! First meeting, happy love, the tears after breakup, all emotions of love expressed in music by composers like Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Chopin

Heike Matthiesen

Me playing music by Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven in transcriptions, variations and fantasias by Johann Kaspar Mertz, Joseph Kreutzer, Diabelli, Molitor and Jan Nepomucem de Bobrowicz... it was a program I was dreaming of for a long time, putting together my opera and piano background with the guitar, really happy about it!!

Paulitchas Carregosa: shows off her Tagima

Paulitchas Carregosa - photo by 
Paulitchas Carregosa  promo photo for Tagima guitars!

Paulitchas Carregosa I recorded with notebook webcam, only with my new guitar by Tagima K-2 and distortion from ampli Rage 158 by peavey. Sorry the bad quality it's only a test. i learned by ear. i am sure i am not doing right LOL

Infant Annihilator - Decapitation Fornication Cover (SOLO TEST) - Paulitchas

Joe Wild: Next Album - the teaser

Joe Wild - Next Album: Teaser
Joe Wild - Next Album: Teaser
Joe plays on Ibanez and Clayton Picks. Thank you all for your contributions, your listening, and your support