Friday, 31 May 2013

Jess Lewis: the girl can't help it!

Hi, here's a quick attempt to play this, haven't played guitar for a while so please forgive my sloppy playing.. this version's by Isaiah Shakey.

Jess Lewis - I Cant Help It

Anouck André: T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest

Ten and Friends competition
Hi Guys! Hi Girls !

Welcome to the T.E.N & Guitar Friends Contest!
3 cool prizes to win !

Please take a look at the rules :-)

#1 :Record a video of yourself playing over the BT. You'll find the BT by following this link:

Complete upper body (face & both hands) must be clearly visible.

#2 Post it as a video response to this video.
Tag the vid with T.E.N & Friends Contest and your name.

#3 Subscribe to Anouck André's youtube channel

Become a friend of T.E.N on facebook

The judges are good people, awesome musicians and highly involved in guitar and music environment :

Martin Miller, Rick Graham, Laurie Monk, David Maxim Micic and David Wallimann.

The Prizes

First prize
TEN Neanderthal Fuzz
TEN Barracuda Flanger
A set of Four Seasons Humbucker
A Wide Rides Guitar strap
50 £ to use on Jamtrackcentral
A pack of GruvGear Fretwraps
Martin Miller's album
Jam Origin Midi Guitar license
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Second prize
TEN Texas flood Overdrive
Wide Rides Guitar strap
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Third prize
TEN PipeLine Harmonic Vibrato/Tremelo
Wide Rides Guitar strap
Guitar Pro 6 License
Riffstation License

Liz Rainsberry: Strasbourg St Denis Jam - 500 Subscribers!

Strasbourg St Denis Jam -- 500 Subscribers! -- Liz Rainsberry
Saying a little thank you for 500 subscribers by jamming over one of my favourite jazz standards. Seven Facts vlog coming up in the next week or so, followed by some originals!


Strasbourg St Denis was originally written and performed by Roy Hargrove.

Equipment used: Jaden Rose Series Two, TC Electronic Ditto Looper,
Blackstar HT-1R, SM57, Focusrite Saffire 6, Canon 650D.
Edited and mixed with Logic Pro 9 and Final Cut Pro.

Apologies for the grainy-ness of the guitar aspect of the video! And the vlog being all weird between cuts, for some reason. Blame YouTube.

Sally Gates: Orbweaver Live At B420 Metal Fest

Sally Gates: photo Lisa Martin-Owens
Orbweaver live at Miami's B420 Fest. Video courtesy of Yader Moreno and The Medusa Agency.

Orbweaver's debut EP 'Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon' comes out August 2nd 2013 through Primitive Violence Records.

Orbweaver Live At B420 Metal Fest

Leah Marie King: Wrong One - All rights reserved Raven Child Music 2013. FREE DOWNLOAD OF THIS SONG AT !!!

Leah Marie King - What's Bothering You