Friday, 26 July 2013

Gretchen Menn: Max Crace limited-edition custom prints available

Gretchen Menn tlaks about Max Crace's photo.
An accidentally cool outtake from a photo shoot with the always brilliant Max Crace. It is such a pleasure to work with great photographers, and Max is one of the absolute best! He is offering limited-edition custom prints of this and other photos through his website:

Blackest Cry: J.S. Bach: Prelude from Cello Suite II

One of my favourites from Bach's cello suites arranged for the guitar by Richard Wright. There are many mistakes but it's the best I could do. Feedback is welcome :)

Lita Ford: Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, 24.7.2013

Lita introduces her band. There will be more - just give me 24 hrs to get time to upload this stuff! :)

LITA FORD - Lita introduces her band [Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, 24.7.2013]

LITA FORD - Can't Catch Me [Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, 24.7.2013]

LITA FORD - Bobby Rock drum solo [Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, 24.7.2013]

Alice Ducoin: first living luthiers "Seeds guitar" acoustic demonstration

Here is a demonstration of Alice Ducoin at first living luthiers "Seeds guitar" July 6, 2013 at Montcourt-Fromonville.
Great artist you can follow on his website:

demonstration Alice Ducoin 2