Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sally Gates: Orbweaver on Audio Junkie's Ear Bleed

Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon Track Listing:
1. Xoxotic
2. Those Of Non-Being
3. Crystal Prisms
4. Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship
5. The Church Warden Procedure
Teaser for the Orbweaver Audio Junkie episode. Playing their instrumental track 'Tragic Orbit: A Doomed, Cosmic Starship' off the new EP 'Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon'. Available through itunes and bandcamp:

Audio junkie's Little Ear Bleed- Orbweaver

Orbweaver 'Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon' streaming in full at Invisible Oranges, along with a review from Doug Moore.

Lari Basilio: Queen of California

Instrumental version of "Queen of California", by John Mayer.

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God bless you! :)

Queen of California (John Mayer) - by Lari Basilio (part. Samuel Cabrera) - HD