Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ruki,Ayano: G∀LMET - Japanese all girl death metal band

Osaka! ! Domestic Girl death metal? ! Combat record 2012 gal Met is 201 finally will be released to determine 3.04.24! ☆
handling mentioned below! (O ^ ^ o) In connection with the sale, there is a two-man live at Kichijoji CRESCENDO 4/29! Maybe would have been seen are a super rare? ! ? ! I ask the contracts of live! 4/27 autograph session handshake meeting at diskUNION Shibuya! In HYPERCORE Harajuku store ☆ to the clerk two person per day 4/28 also there is a thank you ☆ <G ∀ LMET 2nd LIVE DVD set for release! > Title: "G ∀ LMET combat record 2012" standard number: GMLV-002 24 April 2013 (Wed) Release Date: Track List: The Beginning 0.Before
1.Promised Dawn
2.Spirit Of Fire
3.Unchained Love
4.Last Words
5.What 's Mine?
7.Keep Your Faith
8.Fangs Of Slaves
9 .. Eternal Rain
10.Road To The Legend
11. amnesia steel warrior Met's
encore1. love
encore2.Rebirth all
14 song : Price 3,000 yen


privilege it is finished as soon as I disappear: (cover art picture) ※ · G ∀ LMET (mail order or product sales) ... A2 size poster. ※ In the case of mail order, you will be shipped by fourfold. · HMV like ... Extra Large (2L size) Signed raw photos (all members) (random one of the members) · disk union like ... sign with life photograph · DISK HEAVEN like ... "What's Mine?" Music Video (full Ver.) ... SAMUSIC-off shot and live video DVD (Hokkaido Edition) If you have questions about the benefits ※, please contact the shop each

Domestic Girl death metal? ! DVD2012 years version set for release G ∀ LMET-gal Met Live! !

G∀LMET Promised Dawn PV

Sharon Prudencio: TIMELAPSE by Evertheory

Free Download

1. Galaxy 05:38
2. Insomnia 05:03
3. Distant Shores 05:12
4. Gone 04:49
5. Perseverance 07:21
6. The Saturn Bell 04:01

released 27 July 2013
Dominique Gabrielle (vox)
Sharon Prudencio (guitar/vox)
Aaron McMillan (keys)
Tim Peterson (bass)
Jerad Ibarra (drums)

Nili Brosh: Oscar's Guitar Shop Nili Brosh Interview

On the 25th episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop (6-21-13), Oscar gets all jealous because Nili Brosh is supremely talented, gets to hang out with Virgil Donati and Tony MacAlpine, has a new solo record coming out, and is given large sums of cash to perform Iron Maiden tunes on stage.

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Oscar's Guitar Shop Nili Brosh Interview

Irene Ketikidi: Guitar Girl Magazine interview

Irene... "what it's three takes for every solo?!"

Irene: I'm in both places at the moment (Greece and the UK). Where I came from is kind of a small place, a small town I guess. I did my first lesson there. I knew I wanted to move to somewhere bigger to explore new things. When I moved to Athens, I was actually studying computer engineering at the same time. I enrolled in a course in one of the Berklee associated music schools. I had a really great teacher in Jazz Harmony and Theory; he was amazing.

After that I just started thinking at that time in my life, when I was 18, I wanted to learn rock and other stuff; not jazz right now. I never really listened to jazz at home, I do listen to some now. I just needed to do something different and I was doing private lessons with Theodore Ziras; quite popular guy with shreds. He had studied in England and was quite an inspiring figure as far as professionalism where artistry and discography was concerned. I thought that I'd rather go that way.

That period of time was when I didn't have any information about female players. I actually did think when I was 14 that I was the only one, because I didn't see any bands. I know it sounds stupid, but I was like I'll just start something that people don't really do. Then I found out about Jennifer Batten who played for Michael Jackson, which was surprising because I listened to him when I was young. Carina Alfie, who's an Argentinian artist, also inspired me when I was young.

I thought it was a good idea to go to London, because the music scene there is huge. I was sure there would be stuff to do there. I studied at ICMP, which was a great course; it was a bachelor course. That was only part of it, and mostly was playing with different bands, just going out to gigs, jams, seeing great players, and getting information in my ears. That's what really made me want to go to London. Greece is not really famous for it's rock music. I knew I wanted to do a few different things and see where it takes me from there.

Full interview