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Sanae Kitano: All girl band play Wonderful Slippery Thing - live in Tokyo 2013

Sanae Kitano:  All girl band play Wonderful Slippery Thing 
Sanae Kitano: I Played Guthrie Govan's "Wonderful Slippery Thing".

Sanae Kitano - Wonderful Slippery Thing(Guthrie Govan) Live st Kyoto 2013/8/4

This is My Original Song "Fairly".This Short Demo For Berklee Guitar Audition 2013.
Also,I Just Released My First Mini-Album CD"Fairly" From Electric Panda Records(Indies)on 2013/7/29.Price is only 500Yen(About $5.00)!!.

Sanae Kitano - Fairly (Short version) Live 2013/8/4

Marta Altesa: gets funky with Jamiroquai - Little L

Hi everyone! :)

First of all... No, I can't play drums & I'm aware of it! But it's fun! I've played them a few times lately and so far this is the best I can get. There are many timing mistakes (in both bass & drum parts) and probably I don't even hold the sticks properly... hahah I'm gonna regret uploading this!

Anyway, I recorded this just for fun, so drummers out there: please be nice! Any advice will be very welcome, though! ;)

Bass effect used: Electro Harmonix Q-Tron
MusicMan StingRay Bass
Yamaha Drums
Jamiroquai - Little L [Bass & Drum Cover]

Li-sa-X: I tried to challenge the Guthrie's the "Fives" - Japanese 8 year old girl!!

Li-sa-X: I tried to challenge the Guthrie's the "Fives"
♡ is Reaser Claim
☆ I tried to challenge the Guthrie's the "Fives"
Tsu Please listen by all means!

Guthrie Govan "Fives" Cover / Li-sa-X (Japanese 8 year old girl)

Japanese 7 years old girl plays "The Curse Of Castle Dragon" / Li-sa-X

Monica Gheorghevici: 60 Seconds Solo Contest

This is my entry for this awesome contest. It's always a pleasure for me to compose melodic stuff. Thank you organizers for this great competition. I hope you will enjoy my solo and thank you for watching.

60 Seconds Solo Contest - Monica Gheorghevici

Hufschmid 17th Anniversary Contest - Monica Gheorghevici

#SIA Guitar Contest 2013 Monica Gheorghevici

Laura Cox: great version of the night train solo

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After several years without uploading any Guns N' Roses cover, I thought it was time to come back to good old Hard Rock solos!
Nightrain is my favorite Guns N' Roses song, and here's my attempt at the solo...

I used my Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature, with a Marshall Class 5 on an Orange PPC212 cab, and an Xotic BB preamp too.

I hope you'll like it! Feel free to leave comments ;)

Thanks to MasterBackingTrack for the best backing track I could find on Youtube!

Yuri Isobe: Moment music promo video

Yuri Isobe 27 fret guitar

"MOMENT" のミュージックビデオを撮りました。

official web site:

Yuri Isobe - Moment music video

Nita Strauss: Shreddelicious passes 250,000 page views headed up by Nita Strauss

Shreddelicious passes 250,000 page views!!

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