Monday, 16 September 2013

Rebecca Scammon: EMG 57/66 Pickup Demonstration on the J├Ągermeister with Ray Suhy

EMG hooked us up with some killer 57/66 sets and they absolutely rule. Check out the sick tones!

Chaotic Negation - EMG 57/66 Pickup Demonstration

Rebecca Scammon winning the J├Ągermeister

Shredmeister Finalist, Bangor, ME - Rebecca S.

Find out more about Chaotic Negation:

Jikki: more talks with Billy Sheehan whilst working on Jikki's new album

Is 6th Jikki 2nd Album "Irohauta / Transient" making the video.
Recording footage of Jikki's 2nd album "Irohauta / Transient". March 2013, ... at The Cave Jikki CD from "Irohauta" and "Guardian", the Billy scene recording landscape. Billy Sheehan recording "The Sacred Goal Keeper" from Jikki's 2nd album "Irohauta / Transient" in March, 2013 at The Cave.

Jikki Guardian Billy scene recording Billy Sheehan recording "The Sacred Goal Keeper"

Jikki Inverview Billy Sheehan, Patrick Caccia 3/4

Merel Bechtold: is the new guitarist of Chainsaw Disaster.

Merel Bechtold shared Chainsaw Disaster's photo.
I would like to announce that I'm the new guitarist of the deatcore/grind band Chainsaw Disaster! I'm stoked to get on stage and write/record the new EP! New EP, merch and tours are coming up! Stay tuned!

Chainsaw Disaster   Official announcement:

Merel Bechtold is the new guitarist of Chainsaw Disaster.
This experienced Dutch guitarist will be responsible for making you guys headbang and destroy everything in our live gigs .
She is already working on new material for us, stay tuned!

Welcome to hell Merel Bechtold.

Merel Endorsed by:
Engl Amps  Website: http://www.ENGL-AMPS.COM/
Bo-El Guitar Company Website:

Chainsaw Disaster - Cowards Die Twice [Official Lyric Video]