Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nikki Stringfield: Before The Mourning - The Roxy 2013

Nikki Stringfield band Before The Mourning taken at The Roxy on Sept. 9, 2013
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Before The Mourning signals a new dawn for heavy music. The Los Angeles based band siphons infectious, invasive melodies through destructive modern thrash. It's a corrosive concoction that's as catchy as it is deadly, and you'll remember it for a long time to come...

Courtney Cox: Showing why she's always been a highly sought after guitar player

Courtney Cox
A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Courtney Cox first started playing guitar around the age of 13. When she turned 15, she enrolled at The Paul Green School of Rock Music. During her tenure there, she performed in various U.S tours with established acts such as Jon Anderson and Adrian Belew.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtney_Cox_(musician)
Intro solo to Owner of a Lonely Heart from the Ridgefirld CT. Show with Jon Anderson on 2/16/07.
Paul Green School of Rock - Courtney Cox, Owner Intro

Paul Green School of Rock Music - Orion

Nili Brosh: solo album details coming soon?

Nili Brosh - photo Kamil Kowalski
When asked about Nili's upcoming new solo release, Nili responds
Nili Brosh I will make the details public soon, so please keep your eyes open!
The new band: Vigilant
The vigilant amongst us will know Nili has joined a new group called... Vigilant (did you see what I did here?). The band features Shrapnel bass maven Jon Reshard and stunning (and I mean stunning) vocalist Chloe Demetria.

The bands web sites:


Jon Reshard and Nili Brosh
 Jon Reshard  Nili Brosh is definitely gonna give me a run for my $. It's gonna be a gas playing with her!!!

Yui: Cyntia - Live Performance Video

Cyntia - Live Performance Video 「Through the Fire and the Desire 」

Amazon(English) http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-lan...

Cyntia is:
SAKI - Vocals
YUI - Guitars and Chorus
KANOKO - Drums, Percussion and Chorus
AYANO - Keyboards, Piano and Chorus

スピニング 公式HP http://www.spinninginc.jp/artists/index.html

Cyntia - Run to the Future (Music Video Sample)

Cyntia - The Endless World (Music Video Sample)