Sunday, 13 October 2013

Katie Schanze: club of death!

club of death! Going ham! I messed up tho :/ but I love playing to this song

Katie Popeye Schanze #1

G Child: Gokusen - Vixen Art Rock Night - Nagoya 70th Volume - full show

ごくせん as VIXEN
1. Edge of a broken heart
2. How much love
3. Rock me
4. Cryin
5. Streets in paradise
6. Desperate
7. Hard 16
8. Crusin

2012年5月27日(日)名古屋今池・ボトムライン OPEN/16:30 START/17:00

AYA (Vo) 
G child (Gt) 
Mitch Zu (Ba) 
AI (Dr.) 
Machiko (Key)

ARN mixi


Sally Gates: YYZ Solo - Alex Lifeson

Sally Gates playing through the YYZ solo by Rush to a backing track. Guitar is a 1988 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24.

Artist page:

YYZ Solo

Laura Cox: Apocalyptic Love Slash

My Facebook page :

This my favorite song from Slash's last album, Feel free to share!
I hope you'll like it ;)

Here's my equipment:
-Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature
-Orange Dual Terror
-Two Notes Torpedo Live
-Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

I wanted to thank Two Notes Audio Engineering for creating this incredible digital loadbox ; the Torpedo Live!

Go check their website for more information:

Laura Cox - Apocalyptic Love - Intro & Solo - Slash cover

Laura Cox - All Right Now - Free cover

Laura Cox - Money For Nothing intro - Dire Straits cover

Maja Partsch: Fuguetta - neo classical excellence

I have just learned both voices of fuguetta, as they are a lot alike each other because it's a canon ;D. Actually not a tough song to play, especially if you compare to summer by Vivaldi or some Bach stuff for Harpicord I've been trying to learn, which are songs that are not written for guitar in the first place. But this is written for guitar, so therefore I figured.. why not? :D (I also had to come up with something for my uncles 70th birthday-party)
Anyway, enjoy! :p


fuguettta (yngwie cover)

Not perfect but sounds okay to me :D  Was phone to due, but did require a lot of practice in getting it in sync which was not that phun to due. Recorded with my green warmoth both times that sports the J-50BC jackson humbucker and the JE-1000 jackson boost. Recorded direct with the AMT freak guitar pedal, all knobs at noon. Added cab impulse on computer afterwards.

Part of Vivaldis Summer - Storm (Passage to the reaper) Cover

yngwie malmsteen - vengeance cover (with own solo)

Laura Wilde: successful UK comes to a close

Laura Wilde
Singing the blues because I'm such a tragedy... Last song of the last show of the last tour for 2013. A huge thank you to Reckless Love; Olli, Pepe, Jalle and Hessu for having us along on the UK tour, Janne Roning, Ryan Smallman and everyone who came out to the shows and made it so special

Laura Wilde - Tragedy [Live in London 2013]

Anouck André: Toontrack- Metal Guitar God 2013

My entry for this cool contest !
Thanks Toontrack & Periphery for this opportunity .

My Guitar is a Lâg Collector (Made in France, Bédarieux)

Toontrack- Metal Guitar God 2013- Periphery Erised solo : Anouck André

My little test of the Tc Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Mini. This little box is incredible and the bank of existing TonePrints is awesome ! You can find anything you want , from clean reverbs to strange ones.
The Toneprint Editor is very cool too and the possibilities are unlimited.
I hope you'll like , I tried my best to give you a complete view of what you can obtain from this pedal.
The Guitar is a Lâg Jet Collector (Made in France, Bédarieux)

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb : My favorite TonePrints

Yeon Jung Nho: ITG Guthrie Govan - Larry Carlton jam - 13 years old

ITG In The Guitar Face Book

ITG guthrie govan larry carlton 13 years YeonJung Nho Cover (no edited)

Yeon Jung Nho: South Korean 13 year old guitar prodigy finds time to talk to Shreddelicious

Ludmila Oliveira: Minha saudade

Minha Saudade - João Donato e Gilberto Gil

Arranged and played by Ludmila Oliveira.

Minha saudade

Gabriella Quevedo: acoustic (Miley Cyrus) Wrecking Ball

This is my arrangement of Wrecking Ball :)


(Miley Cyrus) Wrecking Ball - Gabriella Quevedo

Sarah Longfield: strandberg* Boden 8 Uppsala X International Guitarfestival 2013

Sarah Longfield: strandberg* Boden 8 
Sarah Longfield performs three songs in the final of the Young Talent competition at the tenth anniversary of Uppsala International Guitar Festival 2013 on her .strandberg* Boden 8 guitar

Sarah Longfield plays Uppsala X International Guitarfestival 2013 on her .strandberg* Boden 8

This is my entry for the Uppsala International Guitar Festival's Young Talents Guitar Competition. If you like my song "The Great Illusion" please check out the new EP I just released at Thanks!

Uppsala Int'l Guitar Fest. Young Talents Contest

Photographer: Bob Rose

Uppsala Internationella Gitarrfestival
Unga Talanger-Finalister/Young Talents Finalists: Sarah Longfield, Jonatan Bougt, Rasmus Vamos Fecher & Madelene Eliasson. Photographer: Bob Rose. — with Sarah Longfield.

Lita Ford: Lemmy Simmons Interview

Lemmy Simmons / Lita Ford
Interview with LITA FORD on hard & heavy radio with Lemmy Simmons and JCFerrera

Jodee Frawlee: Fishman Triple Play - building virtual virtual worlds

Fishman Triple Play
This is a video I made for Triple Play wireless guitar controller.....there should be a warning on the box saying how addictive Triple Play can be!

Barbora: The Muse - debut from the new Tartarus EP

Track 6 from debut original E.P. TARTARUS. Buy it here:

Alexx Calise: All Night Long

"All Night Long" by Alexx Calise (lyric video)
"All Night Long" Available on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital retailers Oct 15, 2013! Song written and performed by Alexx Calise Produced by Wesley Michener and Alexx Calise Vocals-Alexx Calise Guitars-Alexx Calise Bass-Wesley Michener Drums-Dustin Yewell Single cover artwork: Chad Elder Single cover photo: Dan Handa Web Site = Facebook = Twitter = Myspace = Youtube = Lastfm = Reverbnation =

Katie Schanze: Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin - killer cover - she rocks!

17 year old Katie plays Sloe Gin at the Treasure Coast Blues Alliance and wins a spot to the IBC held in Jan 22- 26th, 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee

Katie Schanze - performing Joe Bonamassa's version of "Sloe Gin"