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Montant Kyung-ah: Night Rhythm - Funk popping bass

Seoul Music High School (SMHS), a private high school in Seoul, Korea that boasts the country's top acceptance rate not only to Korean music colleges, but also to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

SMHS has been officially certified as a regular high school course by the government in 2009. Now, SMHS is the most competitive and popular music school to enter in Korea.

It has produced many K-POP (Korean pop) teen idols who have a huge fan base in Asia and in the West, such as Shiney (Jong-Hyun, main vocal), Boyfriend(Jung-Min, Vocal), Hello Venus(A-ra), and Block-B (Zico, leader). The popular Korean television drama show "Dream High" was inspired by Seoul Music High School and its culture and success.

곡명 : Night Rhythm
Drum : 하예성
Bass : 양경아
E.Guitar : 문동훈
S90es : 한성준
Sax : 김찬영

서울실용음악학교 기타&베이스 페스티벌 2013: 12 양경아 Night Rhythm (Cover)

MiYU: out of the shadow of Takayoshi Ohmura

MiYU began to learn the piano at the age of six, to start an acoustic guitar at the age of 14.
You join the club in light sound unit with a high one, to meet the electric guitar. The school in MI Japan music school to machine activity a full-fledged band. She entered as a raw October 2007 in MI Japan Osaka school GIT-DX family. I studied with Takayoshi Omura's student. 2009, and moved to Tokyo to MI after graduation, while served as a roadie of Takayoshi Omura's, to start live activities.

2011, solo album "WORLD MAKER" sale.
MiYU start s band activities as MiYU's in earnest. In 2012, she joined the Aclahayr. Join an artist department Rakuten premium talent auction until July to November 2010. It exhibited 18 points. In charge of the main personality of one hour program with the first radio appearance in FM Chofu. Other, widely radio appearance to Kansai local-national. [Lecturer] history and worked to guitar works from May 2010. ESP Music School Tokyo school work from December 2012. [Main band itinerant ~ Kansai ~] · GUTTER FLOWER mini album It's SHOW TIME sale (Vo / Gt) -LOST CHILDREN (Gt) -ZEROZERO (support Gt) [band activities - Tokyo - current] · storm fall (support Gt ) I do the 1st LIVE MiYU's in the (unit) in Shinjuku SUNFACE 6, 2010 · MIYU solo career. Idol group energy drink (guest Gt)


Marty Friedman〜Ripped cover〜 ( MIYU with Takayoshi Ohmura)

MIYU ギター YG 2013

Joanne Shaw Taylor: interviewed by Stacy Jeffress for American Blues Scene

Joanne Shaw Taylor (Photo courtesy of Marilyn Stringer)
Stacy Jeffress for American Blues Scene: Tell me about growing up in England and learning about the blues.
Joanne Shaw Taylor: My dad was a guitar player. Before I was born, that’s what he did. He played acoustic and harmonica and was very much into Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, more country-style blues. When my brother and I came along, he got a real job, then when I was young, he got re-interested in it. My brother played; he was Mr. Shred Metal. My dad played Gary Moore, classic rock. I wanted to play electric guitar; I’d been playing classical at school and for the Birmingham youth ensemble. I started going through Dad’s CD collection. At the time, he’d just discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan; that was the impetus for me to go down the blues route.

When did you discover this marvelous voice you have?
That was a longer process. I started singing when I was 15, ‘cause I wanted to have more control over the set list. It’s a big thing to have to sing. There are still some videos of me on YouTube when I was 20, and it’s still not the voice I have now. It’s a lot more English and very soft. That was a work in process; going out and hitting the road. It was more of a confidence issue. I never doubted that I could play guitar, ‘cause that’s what my family did. Some people go hunting and fishing; we play guitar. The singing took a few more years to figure out.
Read the full interview with American Blues Scene

Danielle Schnebelen: Trampled Under Foot - It's a Man's World - killer bass and fine wine vocals

2012 Blues Music Award Nominee for Instrumentalist – Bassist

There’s not a time in her life that Danielle doesn’t remember loving to perform. She’d sing for the family at holiday events and also took tap jazz and ballet for many years competing in numerous events. She also took band in middle school playing the tenor saxophone and enjoyed it quite a bit but was forced to quit when they moved to Kansas City and the new school did not offer band.

She comes from generations of singers. Her grandmother Evelyn Skinner was a big band singer. Her mother, Lisa Swedlund had taught her everything she knew growing up listening to all different kinds of music from the Everly Brothers to the B-52s. It wasn’t until she was 12 that she took to the stage for the first time singing Koko Taylor’s “Never Trust a Man” at a Blues for Schools program her parents were playing at Englewood Elementary. From then on, she knew music would be her passion for the rest of her life.

She began singing in coffeehouses and at open mic events around the age of 14 while jamming with her parents at clubs that would allow minors whenever she could. At the age of sixteen, she began singing lead in her father, Robert Schnebelen, band Little Eva and the Works until fall of 1998 when he became too sick to play. In March of 1999, she started her own band “Fresh Brew” with Kansas City music veterans Steve Gronemeyer, Steve Hicks, Chuck Payne and Terry Roney. They played all over Kansas City for four years and even represented Kansas City in the IBC.

It was during this time that she and her brothers Nick and Kris Schnebelen began talking about a family band and what it would take to make it happen. Not only would Kris and Danielle would have to move to Philadelphia where Nick was living, she‘d have to learn the bass guitar to keep it a family band. It took a few years of lessons and saving money before that could become reality.

When Fresh Brew disbanded in 2004, she was approached by guitarist John Brandsgard of “The Nortons”, another group of veterans including Dane Henningson, Randy Kassin, and Greg and Gharett Schaberg and was asked if she’d be interested in fronting them until she made the move to Philadelphia. The Nortons branched out a bit for Danielle’s style of traditional blues and incorporated more contemporary blues into her repertoire. What started as only 6 months turned into 2 years of touring the Midwest while practicing bass and occasionally playing shows with her brothers in Kansas City and Philadelphia.

Danielle Schnebelen: Trampled Under Foot - Badlands
Since then, TUF has continued to play the US as well as expanding into Canada and Europe to spread the word of the blues


2012-08-12 Trampled Under Foot " It's a Man's World"

Trampled Under Foot~~Rock and Roll~~Bonita Blues Fest 2012

Trampled Under Foot - I Just Wanna' Dance

Samantha Fish: Cigar Box Guitar - Rochester NY 3-20-13

Samantha Fish gets the Cigar Box guitar out to dig some more blues.

Samantha Fish - Cigar Box Guitar - Rochester NY 3-20-13

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Live at the Borderline in London

Produced by Sprectrafilm GmbH & Co. KG, Uwe Treskastis & Ruf Records GmbH, Thomas Ruf

Joanne Shaw Taylor Live at the Borderline in London

Joanne Shaw Taylor . Manic Depression . The Borderline .Songs From The Road audio and my video .

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Going Down "Best Version"

Shannon Curfman: American blues-rock guitarist and singer

Shannon Marie Curfman (born July 31, 1985, FargoNorth Dakota) is an American blues-rock guitarist and singer. She came to prominence in 1999, at the age of 14, with the release of her first album, Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions, which she recorded a year earlier.[1]
In 2006 Curfman launched an independent record label called Purdy Records. After a prolonged absence from recording, Curfman self-released a five-song EP entitled Take It Like A Man in July 2006, followed by the full-length album Fast Lane Addiction in 2007.
Like her contemporary Jonny Lang, Curfman is from North Dakota, but lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lang co-wrote with Curfman and played on her first release, Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions.
In early 2010 Curfman joined Kid Rock's band the Twisted Brown Truckers as a singer and guitarist. She is currently on a world-wide tour with them as a permanent member of Kid Rock. 

Shannon Curfman - The Weight - 12/16/12 Minneapolis MN

What You're Getting Into - Shannon Curfman

Samantha Fish: North Atlantic Blues Festival 2013

Samantha Fish at the 2013 North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland, Maine

Read the review

I Put A Spell On You

Samantha Fish Runaway

Ana Popovic: Can't You See What You are Doing to Me and Live at the Bull Run

Filmed at the 2013 Charlie West Festival in Charleston, WV. Ana Popovic!!

2013-05-17 Ana Popovic "Can't You See What You are Doing to Me"

Ana Popovic and Ronnie Earl LIVE at the Bull Run, Shirley, Ma. 04/20/13
One Room Country Shack
First of three from this Sold Out and much anticipated reunion at the Bull Run.
As always, Ronnie is great, as he and Ana play off each other.
While this is a great rendition, check out the version from last year that I recorded at the Bull Run.

Ana Popovic & Ronnie Earl live at the Bull Run - One Room Country Shack 042013

ana popovic and Ronnie Earl - One Room Country Shack - Live @ the Bull Run

Carolyn Wonderland: "I Live Alone With Someone"

Guitar-goddess Carolyn Wonderland opens her set with a bluesy rocker that includes a searing guitar solo. Song was one of ten included "Texas Burning: A Lone Star Salute to Our Troops" HD concert special currently airing nationally on PBS. Includes introduction by Mattson Rainer of KNBT 92.1 FM

TEXAS BURNING with Carolyn Wonderland: "I Live Alone With Someone"

Vanessa Woods: Lead guitar for Unfallen Attraction

Unfallen Attraction has been born to stand up as one jolly well. Concentricity of love. 2006 was the point where two pure souls joined forever to become three (with love) in order to share profound emotions and preserve the original human nature in sane will with expanded wings. Embraced by music and blessed by its beauty Vanessa (guitar, voice and composer) amalgamates the drum sounds of Gabriel whose unison expresses "the precious jewel of life". A magician turning into one great energy: The light of hope, this is worth than the glory of self victory...universal music of love and perseverance grooves are their sword. Six strings of devotion and the enchanting voice of Vanessa lights the power of Gabriel's drums. It is nothing less than the romance of a dragonfly floating over a caterpillar who emerges from a vast flora all surrounded by warm and beautiful sun rays and covered by the wind chants, playful angels flying through the pink firmament and the intense glitter of the night, an elevated kiss, sparks of love...and the mixture of the four sonar points of Gerardo's bass spreading the power of an indigo feeling, flying, walking, sharing. Thinking about the world's variety of tastes we also present different versions of our music, this is Unfallen Attraction...