Friday, 15 November 2013

Rachel Brandsness: the new website for Rachel Mac and the revival

In celebration of the new EP hitting online distributors today, we are excited to announce the new website,! Go check out what we've been up to!

Rachel Mac (Brandsness): Vocals + Guitars
Andrew "Gibby" Williams: Guitars + BGV's
Tyler F. Warren: Drums + BGV's
Blair Breitreiter Smart: Keys + BGV's
Drew Uldrich: Bass
Rachel Mac was born during the early 90's heyday of the Pacific Northwestern grunge scene with an old soul that never made it out of the 1970's.  

Until now, Mac, also known on highly important tax documents as Rachel Brandsness, as well as Williams have been best known for their work in  Nashville, TN rock band Fools For Rowan. After over three years of touring, Fools For Rowan called it quits. While certain members of the band were ready to move on from music to do other things, they were not ready or willing to do that. So what do you do when you are broke and the band you just gave your heart and soul to breaks up?  Start a new band, obviously.  The music never stops.  
Collectively, the members of Rachel Mac & The Revival have had the distinct honors of performing alongside acts such as Evanescence, Halestorm, Sick Puppies, Candlebox, Neon Trees, Trapt, Tonic, The Gin Blossoms, Florida Georgia Line, and Randy Houser.  Those experiences served to build their chops while inspiring them on towards this next adventure. 

Erin Elizadeth,Annelise Josserand: HellKat Elise joins Madame Torment

Madame Torment
What's better than a 4-piece all female hard rock band?! A 5-piece all female hard rock band of cos!!!

We are SO PROUD to announce that Annelise Josserand is gonna be joining Madame Torment as - wait for it - RHYTHM GUITARIST!!! It took us a long time to find the perfect match for this position but Annelise proved to be the one to complete the puzzle! So, everyone, you're definitely in for a treat when we come back on stage next year!

Also, we would like to thank Mark Newman of NewEraStudios for our recent photo shoot! Here is one of his fabulous work, revealing the brand new lineup! Go "like" the studio's page to see more of his amazing work!

Now everyone, give your warm welcome to Annelise aka HellKat Elise as a Madame Tormentor!!! — with Camille Denny, Ashley Luna, Elsa Faith, Erin Elizadethand Annelise Josserand.

All female BITCH ROCK band from Portland, Oregon! Prepare to be tormented with wicked rock n' roll originals and sexy party anthems!

Young, crude and full of energy - Madame Torment is Portland, Oregon's most wicked all female rock band formed in May 2011.

Imagine Motley Crue's raunchy attitude meets Alanis Morissette's female angst. Combine Elsa's whiskey soaked power vocals and Erin's strong, melodic sensibilities on guitars. Let Ashley's bass rumble on your chest with Weezy's thunderous drums.

Madame Torment never promised maturity, purity, cleanliness or angelic behavior... Only raw dirty rock n' roll, some wild debauchery, madness, and of course, filthy x-rated misconduct.

Once you step in, there is no turning back. You're tormented for life!

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: The Iron Maidens - Children, Phantom and Fear -Paladino's

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: The Iron Maidens in fine form and in birthday mood

The Iron Maidens - Children, Phantom & Fear @ Paladino`s Nov 09 2013

Mell MT: The Faceless - Deconsecrate guitar solo

THE FACELESS-Deconsecrate guitar solo by Mell
New video after one year ! This is one of my favorite guitar solos so decided to play it and feel it ;D Recorded with my phone