Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Issabelth Przysiezniak: Powerwolf - "We Drink Your Blood"

Issabelth van Volfiress,

Sooo here you are! A cover of Powerwolf.
All rights about the music are reserved to them.
Simple but awesome song :D
Guitar: BC Rich Warlock
Floor: Line6 POD XT Live
I've been playing guitar since october 2009.

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Marta Witiw: Sudden Rush featuring Lord Vader - one of the best upcoming rock metal players I've seen to date

Marta Witiw: Wrocław - Poland - one of the best upcoming rock metal players I've seen to date.

Marta Witiw - Sudden Rush ft. Lord Vader

My solo backing to this year's competition - a nice listening ;)

Nita Strauss: Name the guitars - and they're Ibanez won't cut it!

Nita Strauss
Opening this up to the floor! This one's for the mega guitar nerds! Here's the guitar vault from a tour I did in 2010. Can anyone correctly identify all of these guitars? I'll post a shout out to the first correct answer (WITH models etc- no "they're Ibanez" answers) on my page with a link to their band or band of their choice!

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Anna Sentina: Metallica - Enter Sandman

Anna Sentina: Musician based out of San Diego, CA. I have been playing music since I can remember, starting with piano then continuing with guitar and bass.

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Metallica - Enter Sandman [Guitar Cover]

Samantha Nekrovenere: Schecter Guitars - Born Dead

I apologize for the bad quality of the audio. But I moved to Finland recently and I don't have in here my lovely stealth and the rest of my gear.

This version doesn't include Rick Rozz solo because the Schecter I'm using doesn't have floyd rose.

THANKS to Schuldiner's family, Eric Greif, Death TR and ALL the people who support Chuck's music and do everything for keeping his memory alive.

Born Dead ( DEATH cover w/ Chuck Schuldiner solo ) by NekroVenere - Schecter Guitar

Karolay Flores: Death - Voice Of The Soul tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and jam session from her band Sceptical

My tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, one of the best musician and my influence... RIP Chuck.
Dedicado a mi Idola.

- Ibanez RG350DX
- Line 6 UX2
- Reaper
- Windows Movie Maker.

Death - Voice Of The Soul

This is a original song from my band SCEPTICAL, check out :