Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gina Stile: added to Vixen Reunion in 2014

Singer Janet Gardner, drummer Roxy Petrucci and bassist Share Ross (Pedersen) will honor their friend and bandmate, guitarist and founder of VIXEN, Jan Kuehnemund, by performing as VIXEN in 2014.

The band was committed to reunite in 2012 but Kuehnemund's cancer diagnosis caused what was thought of at the time as a delay. Sadly, however, after a fierce battle, Kuehnemund succumbed to her illness in October 2013, thus the reunion was not meant to be.

After discussing the idea with friends and family as well as lead vocalist from the most recent lineup, Jenna Sanz-Agero, it was agreed that it was the right decision for the three surviving definitive members to carry on as VIXEN.

Gardner commented: "We've been hearing the fans ask for this and while it will never be the same without Jan, we believe in our hearts it's what she would have wanted."

Joining forces with their JSRG bandmate, guitarist Gina Stile, VIXEN will perform at select festivals and showcase dates in 2014.

The first official VIXEN performances will take place on the Monsters Of Rock cruise, departing from Miami, Florida on March 29, 2014.


Nili Brosh: announce the title for upcoming 2nd record coming this Friday

Nili Brosh: On Friday morning I will finally announce the title of my upcoming 2nd record, and will accompany the announcement with a brand new video of the album solo from the title track. Are y'all ready??

In case you missed the last announcement, here's the final list of personnel, one more time (in alphabetical order): 

Alex Argento (keys), 
Mike Ball (bass), 
Bryan Beller (bass), 
Virgil Donati (drums), 
Stuart Hamm(bass), 
Ameya Kalamdani (guest guitar solo), 
Eli Marcus (bass), 

Aquiles Priester (drums). 

And I played a little guitar as well.

Stay with me for more announcements! Thanks for your patience!

April Malmsteen: The Wimn - Front and Center - Founder of Rising Force Records, Malmsteen Management and Medusa Cosmetics

Front and Center: Founder of Rising Force Records, Malmsteen Management and Medusa Cosmetic, April Malmsteen

April Malmsteen means business. Serious business.

She is a no-nonsense visionary and entrepreneur, the founder of record label Rising Force Records, artist management firm Malmsteen Management, and makeup company Medusa Cosmetics.

Malmsteen is also married to GRAMMY award nominee and prolific guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Together, they make an explosive duo running one of the most successful and powerful music conglomerates in the industry, with Yngwie front-and-center and April running the show behind the scenes like clockwork.

To learn more about April Malmsteen, visit

Lindsey Stirling: Halo Theme - 5.4 million views - 3.7 million subscribers

Lindsey Stirling: Get this song off iTunes

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Halo Theme- Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph