Thursday, 12 December 2013

Anaïs,Noémie: Lazy Hollow - All Female Rock Band

Lazy Hollow
Rock band 100% female
female Rock band All

Founded in early 2013, Lazy Hollow loop quickly his first set and follows a series of concerts including the off scene Sonisphere France Amneville 2013! Driven by their desire to discover their compositions, they are now looking dates throughout France and beyond!

Anaïs - Guitar
Laëza - Drum
Marie - Bass
Noémie - Guitar / Vocals

Lazy Hollow - All Female Rock Band - Hole In The Sky - Black Sabbath cover

Cinthya Blackcat: Mystica Girls live

Red Jane Bass (Bass)
Cinthya Black Cat (guitar)
Mon Laferte (voice)
Yolanda Moreno (Drums)

Mystica Girls "Game of Sins" live

Mystica Girls "The Boogie Biker" live

Ruru Mitsuru, Misa: Bridear are set to release their first 7 song mini Album entitled "Overturn The Doom"

Bridear are set to release their first 7 song mini Album entitled "Overturn The Doom" on Wednesday, December 18  (2,000 yen / Tax in)!,ja

BRIDEAR 1st mini album「Overturn The Doom」Trailer

DQC-1196 税込¥2,000(税抜¥1,905)
1.New Era
3.Thread Of The Light
5.Another Name
6.Voice Is To Silence
7.Wing Of Hope


BRIDEAR Overturn The Doom Trailerxzs

Thread Of The Light /BRIDEAR

Guitar: Yoshitsuru - Date of birth: December 3 - Blood type: A type
Blog Ruru Mitsuru  Twitter Yoshitsuru

Guitar: Misa - Birthday: August 17 - ​​Blood type: A type
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Nae: Aldious and Arch Enemy, At The Gates covers

It is a performance that is imperfect but still thank you for watching me (^ - ^),ja

Luft / Aldious (guitar cover)

I played it by my pink guitar that is written Arch Enemy's autograph (at Harajuku ASTRO HALL 2012.04.20), with thanks...  speaker
Left : nae (me)
Right : NoramuGt (

Taking Back My Soul / Arch Enemy (guitar cover)

blinded by fear / at the gates (guitar cover)