Saturday, 14 December 2013

Debora Valençay: Improviso Dmaj7

I did improvise upon a basis of Dmaj7.
Whether likes to give its "Joinha" and Share with the guys ;) Used Equipment: Plate Line 6 UX2 Guitar Tagima 635

Debora Valencay - Improviso Dmaj7

Gu Eun Yeong: Dame - saint t250 and exceed200 - Paul Gilbert - technical difficulties

Paul Gilbert Technical Difficulties instrumental playing electric guitar.
Dame Saint T250 was playing electric guitar. Paul Gilbert - Technical difficulties Played by: Gu Eun Yeong gueunyoung Instruments USED in the video: Electric guitar dame SAINT T250.,ko

Paul Gilbert - technical difficulties 폴길버트 테크니컬 디피컬티스 일렉기타 연주(play with saint t250)

Paul Gilbert - technical difficulties 폴길버트 테크니컬 디피컬티스 일렉기타 연주

Aleks Sever: Promo Video (Danger Girl) - Aleks talks about her latest release

Aleks Sever - Promo Video (Danger Girl)
Guitarist Aleks Sever talks about the making of her CD "Danger Girl", including photos, studio footage and song clips.  

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Team Rock Radio airs an acoustic session tonight

Peter Noble
Team Rock Radio airs an acoustic session with Joanne Shaw Taylor
on The Blues Magazine Show from 6-8pm tonight. Songs include Jealousy, Soul Station & Going Home. Listen

Nita Strauss: Heroes of the Storm™

Nita Strauss
YO, THO!!!
Have you guys seen the trailer for the new Blizzard game Heroes of the Storm? Wow!!! This looks SOOO SICK!!!!!
Also, that's me playing guitar

Introducing the latest from Blizzard Entertainment -- Heroes of the Storm. Developed under the code name Blizzard All-Stars™, Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. To learn much more, visit, where in the weeks to come, you'll find tons of videos, hero profiles, game features, information on how to join the public beta test, and more.

Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer

Nita Strauss: on Polish Edition Roland Cube promo

Nita Strauss on Polish Edition Roland Cube promo. — with Nita Strauss.

Roland MICRO CUBE GX Guitar Amplifier